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Good News Fridays: Jefferson’s Restaurant And Red Threads Apparel Helping Jacksonville Tornado Victims

Here are two more ways to help those from the Jacksonville tornado.  First, Jefferson’s Restaurant, which was started in Jacksonville Alabama over 25 years ago, is wanting to help.  Many locations will donate 10% of total sales on Tuesday, March 27 to relief efforts.  Also, many locations are also selling t-shirts for $10 each that will also go to relief efforts.  You can check your local Jefferson’s starting this weekend to see if they are selling these t-shirts below.

Also, a local business in Jacksonville called Red Threads Apparel is selling t-shirts and all proceeds will go to relief efforts in Jacksonville.  There are two designs to choose from and shirts will begin shipping out and be available for in-store pick-up on March 30th, 2018.  View the t-shirt designs below, and if you want to order a shirt, go to:

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