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Animation Monday: Belle And Sebastian

Let’s go way back in time, to the 1980’s!  Nickelodeon back then aired a new animated series called Belle And Sebastian.  You can tell it came from the 1980’s, the animation is all hand-drawn, and the fade to black fades very slowly, plus the sound is okay, nothing like the sound and animation we see with cartoons today!  This was what the cartoon was about.

The series is about the mountain based adventures of a young boy named Sebastian and his Pyrenean mountain dog Belle who live in a small village in France. Sebastian has no friends because he is teased by the other children for not having a mother. But one day, he meets a gentle white dog who has been falsely accused of terrible crimes. He names her Belle and they become the best of friends. To save her from an unjust fate, Sebastian leaves his adoptive family and begins traveling with Belle and his little dog Poochie. They have many adventures as they elude the police and search for Sebastian’s long-lost mother.

There were 52 episodes made of this series, and all the episodes are currently up on YouTube!  Hopefully it will stay that way.  Below is the first episode of the series.  If you want to see the other 51 episodes, go to:

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