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Come Meet Mallory Hagan, Democratic Opponent To Mike Rogers In Jacksonville

If you live in Alabama’s District 3 in East Alabama, and if you are growing tired of the current person holding the seat named Mike Rogers, tonight you can meet one of the opponents running for the seat.  Mallory Hagan is from the Auburn area and has put her hat in the ring to win the seat.  She will very likely win the Democratic nomination, and has a chance of winning the seat in November.

This is her statement from the Hagan For House website front page:

My whole life I have been standing up for others. From defending grade school friends on the playground when I was a little girl to lobbying nationally for children in our Child Advocacy Centers as an adult, I have always been a strong and passionate voice for others. It is second nature to me. I’ve always believed that we have to look out for and protect one another.

I recently found myself at the center of a national controversy surrounding the Miss America Organization. It was a painful experience, but it taught me a lot about the power of my voice. By telling my story, by petitioning for change, and by demanding resolution, I ignited a spark that fueled women – AND men – across this country to stand up, speak out, and believe that when people share their stories, positive change can occur. I told my story. It was difficult, but it sparked meaningful change. This experience transformed me.

I want to represent the people of this state because I want to be a voice for Alabamians that is clear and strong. I want to be a voice that sparks positive change. I want to be your representative from Alabama’s 3rd Congressional District this November.

Mallory Hagan used to live in New York and even became Miss America in 2013.  And was recently a news anchor for a Columbus, GA TV station.  On Thursday, February 15th, Mallory Hagan will speak and hold a meet and greet at the Hampton Inn in Jacksonville starting at 6:00 pm.  The event is free to attend!

I would be there, but I have no car and have no transportation to Jacksonville and back from Anniston.  I would like to meet Mallory Hagan though, because I lived in District 3 from Alexander City to Anniston most of my life, and not much as gotten better.  This district needs a big change!

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