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Food Review: Haagen-Dazs Gelato Ice Cream

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So, I think just about everyone here in the states knows someone from Europe.  One of my YouTube pals is from Germany and the Netherlands.  One of my Facebook friends knows people from Germany, and holds a Oktoberfest each year.  An my mom’s husband is from Italy, where they have plenty of Gelato.  Gelato is basically an Italian way to make ice cream and has much less air than traditional ice cream.  And Gelato has a lot more butterfat than regular ice cream!

In the United States, you can find plenty of Gelato related products.  And Haagen-Dazs figured they should jump onto the Gelato craze with a new line of products.  My local  grocery store has three new Haagen-Dazs Gelato ice cream bar flavors.  And I grabbed one because it was on special.  I’ll talk about the price later, but I got the vanilla caramel pizzelle flavor.



Each box comes with three bars.  And they are each individually wrapped.  The bar is all coated with chocolate, and the outside has pizzelle cookie pieces, which were crunchy and good.  The outside shell was also very firm and had a snap when I bit into it.


The inside had vanilla ice cream, with two caramel ribbons in the inside.


Overall, the ice cream was creamy, and the entire ice cream bar was good.  But I wanted to talk about price.  I got these on special for $3.50.  The regular price is $4.75.  For someone who is unemployed and has very limited money, I would not get these regularly.  If the price came down, that might be a different story!  I liked these bars, and I wish more ice cream brands would become like Gelato, that is the best ice cream on the planet!

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