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Animation Monday: A Review Of Big Hero 6

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Maybe waiting until now was a good thing, because when Big Hero 6 was named the best animated picture during the 2015 Oscars, that’s when you need to see it for yourself.  And man, I have read the stories about how good this movie was from other websites and blogs.  And now I am kicking myself for not seeing it sooner.  The movie was spectacular!  Coming from someone who is geeky and nerdy, I thought every detail was spot on, and I loved the story line and character development as well.

Hey look, due to me having funding problems, I could not see the movie until now, but it was worth the wait!  The movie is based off of a comic from the 1990’s, and the characters are based in the city of San Fransokyo.  Sometime in the future does Japan buy out San Francisco?  How does that work?  Anyways, the plot revolves around 14-year-old Hiro Hamada, who is very smart and graduated from high school very early.  Instead of getting a higher education, he participates in back alley robot fights.  Thankfully, his older brother named Tadashi Hamada sees the potential in his younger brother, and coaxes him to apply to his university.  And the university was very high-tech!


Hiro applies to the school, and for his project, creates microbots, and the project impresses Professor Callaghan, and Hiro was accepted!  But, Disney movies mostly comes with something sad close to the halfway point, and it happened in this movie.  The older brother and the professor dies in an explosion, and this depresses Hiro.  What cheers Hiro back up was Tadashi’s invention called a Baymax, a personal healthcare robot.  Soon, one of the microbots activates and this takes Hiro and Baymax to a warehouse.  We get this epic chase scene, and Baymax saves the day.

I loved how Hiro upgraded Baymax with armor!  And soon, Tadashi’s friends named  GoGo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon, and Fred join with Hiro and becomes this rag-tag group of superheroes.  They discovered that Professor Callaghan was still alive, and he actually sent his own daughter to her death in a teleportation portal, what a cruel father!  I loved the action scenes and the part where Hiro programmed Baymax to destroy the professor.  The lesson kids, don’t let your emotions overcome good judgement!

I also loved the part where Hiro got to see tapes of his older brother on the Baymax, what a sweet moment!  Soon, Callaghan is seeking revenge on Krei.  Callaghan uses the Microbots to destroy Krei’s new mega building.  And Hiro and Baymax goes inside the portal and rescues Callaghan’s daughter.  Another sad part is when Baymax stays behind in the portal, and you think all memories of Tadashi would be gone forever.  Luckily, Hiro sees the computer chip in Baymax’s hands, and soon Baymax is back!

I loved Baymax being tricked out so he can fly around the city like that!  That would be something I would love doing as well!  Hiro becomes friends with Tadashi’s friends, and the six friends continue their superhero exploits through the city, fulfilling Tadashi’s dream of helping those in need.  Because why not, superhero movies are cool!  And this movie was epic and awesome!  And no superhero movie can be complete without Stan Lee in it, he’s there after the credits!


Don Hall and Chris Williams did a great job directing the movie, and that best animated picture Oscar was well deserved!  Disney Animation Studios did a wonderful job with the computer animation, and I can’t wait to see Big Hero 6 2.  Boy, that is going to be a weird title!

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