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Animation Monday: Phineas And Ferb Act Your Age

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Well, tonight is a big night for the fans of Phineas of Ferb!  Tonight, we will get to see Phineas, Ferb, Isabella, and the other young kids, 10 years older!  That’s right, teenage hormones will be running plenty deep on tonight’s episode.  As you know, the show treats their audience as intelligent people, which means plenty of adults along with kids love watching this show.  The episode came to be about when artist Ashley Simpson gave the show’s creators Dan Povenmire and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh a drawing of what Phineas and Ferb would look like in their teenage years at Comic-Con.  The creators liked it so much they contacted Ashley, hired her, and they worked together on the making of this episode.


The episode will take place ten years in the future.  Candace has grown up and has gone through college and I think has married Jeremy.  Carl the Intern is now running OWCA, and Monogram has retired.  But, Dr. Doof and Perry are still at it where Agent P is ruining those inators.  And you will see some adult characters aged 10 years, with some grey hair.  And you will see the kids as teenagers.  But, one of the most important storylines in the show, what happens with Phineas and Isabella?  As you see in this exclusive clip, one of the songs will be a song talking about Phineas and Isabella thinking about being together in a relationship.

Here’s another exclusive clip, where Phineas and Isabella talk to each other before Isabella leaves for college.

And the episode will also feature some live action where Dan and Jeff will be talking to the camera.  You will like this short video showing you how this episode was made!

So, which college Phineas will decide to go to?  How will Phineas react when he learns that Isabella has a crush on him?  See another clip below!

Can Ferb and the gang bring Phineas and Isabella together?  What about Dr. Doof’s mid-life crisis, along with his grey hair?  What I will tell you, you will like the ending to this episode!  A lot of answers to questions featuring the characters in this series will be answered tonight.  And of course the songs are great!  “Act Your Age” will air on Monday night at 7:30 pm Central on DisneyXD!

All videos and photos copyright from Disney.

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