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Roadscapes Wednesday: The Bolivia Road Of Death

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This week, since it’s Halloween, I am featuring a road so dangerous, one wrong step, and you fall off a steep cliff, and die.  And forget about guardrails, since the road is way too narrow for that!  The road is called Yungas Road, and it was built in the 1930’s.  The road was cut into the side of a mountain range, and as you go up, one side is pure rock, and the other side is a 2,000 cliff drop!  And the road is only dirt, and 12 feet wide, for two-way traffic.  Add in rain, fog, mudslides, and rocksides, and you can see why this road is the most dangerous road in the world!


It is estimated that around 200-300 people are killed on this road every year, and this road attracts thrill junkies that want to say “they drove and survived the death road!”  On this road, drivers drive on the left, even though Bolivia drives on the right, so drivers can see the edge and make sure they don’t fall off.  And downhill drivers must yield to those going uphill.  Since going downhill means you are on the edge of the road, it adds to the thrilling experience!

So, the spooky question is, would you drive or ride on Yungas Road, or the Death Road?  After seeing a couple of videos below from this dangerous road, my answer would be a big NO!  And I would stick to the new and modern Yungas Road built about 10 years ago!

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