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Celebrate The Running Of The Boston Marathon Tomorrow


Tomorrow in Boston is Patriots Day, and it’s the day the Boston Marathon is run in the Boston Metro.  Last year during the marathon, two bombs from pressure cookers exploded near the finish line, this caused chaos throughout the city.

Throughout the next few days, every police and emergency official was in a full-out search for the people responsible for the bombings.  I remember watching the entire city on lockdown and I was staying up throughout the night while the breaking news was coming out.

Three people were killed and over 100 people were injured, some seriously.  We have seen the stories from people who were either running the marathon or watching the marathon from the sidelines who were seriously injured.  And these people have mostly fully recovered, and some even got married!

The people up in the Massachusetts are going to be celebrating the running of the Boston Marathon tomorrow, along with many people around this country.  A record amount of runners are going to run in this marathon.  And a record amount of spectators are going to cheer on the runners tomorrow.  Along with the runners and spectators, a record amount of police and security will be along the race route.  This is going to be one of the most secure marathons the world has ever seen!

But runners never accept defeat, and the people who never got a chance to finish the marathon will run tomorrow!  People from all aspects of life will be running in one of the greatest marathons tomorrow, and they are going to be treated like great people.  Runners go through a lot of training and running to get to the Boston Marathon.  Runners are people who will never quit.  Runners are people who never give up and accept defeat.  Runners get that great dose of happiness when they run, and they are going to be extra happy tomorrow when many people are cheering them on from the sidelines!

Tomorrow, I hope you get a chance to catch some of the Boston Marathon in person, on TV on Universal Sports Network, on online.  The people up in Boston would like to remind everyone that they are Boston Strong.  Tomorrow, you will see why Boston is indeed Boston Strong!  Enjoy this special Aerosmith performance called “Dream On.”

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