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Music Thursdays: Ali Spagnola / Lizzie Sider

Geek Alabama Music Thursdays

This week on Music Thursdays, I am featuring two artists that have been gracious enough to follow Nathan Young or Geek Alabama on Twitter!  Yes artists, if you follow us on Twitter or Facebook, and if you have family friendly music, I might talk about you!  Follow Nathan Young @nvyoung and Geek Alabama @geekalabama today!

Ali Spagnola


Ali Spagnola is a pop/rock/electro musician.  She created a Power Hour Drinking Game Album while in college that contains 60 one-minute songs that are also a drinking game.  Ali also self-released the album on a USB drive kept within a shot glass.  Yes, she really did that!

The mission of the Power Hour Drinking Game Album is to drink 60 shots of beer in an hour – while mixing it with a live show.  She wrote 60 one-minute drinking songs and performs them live while people drink along with every song.  Spagnola later recorded the songs to create The Power Hour Album.  She also designed, developed and manufactured her new Shot Glass USB, a shot glass with a removable USB drive that holds The Power Hour Album.

The Power Hour Drinking Game is not the only thing Ali does!  She does a weekly web show called Most Googled Song, where she writes a sweet one-minute jam about one of Google’s trending topics for the week.  Yep, they are very creative!

She is also an artist!  Ali paints small paintings to a fan each day!  These paintings are watercolor paintings that she does for free.  If you want a painting, just click on the link below to add your name to the list.  But be warned, you will have to wait a while, but donating to her will move you up the wait list!

Ali Spagnola does some great music, you should not be offended by the drinking part.  Learn more about Ali Spagnola at:  Follow her on Facebook at: and on Twitter @alispagnola.

Lizzie Sider

Lizzie Sider Music Row

How about we talk about a young and upcoming country music singer!  Lizzie Sider is 15 1/2 years old, and in high school in South Florida.  Music and theater first got into Lizzie’s heart and soul in the small town of Jackson, WY, where she has spent the greater part of every summer since she was born.  She spent early childhood summers looking up to the actors and actresses at the Jackson Hole Playhouse, a community theater.  It was there, at age 4, that she saw her first musical, Annie Get Your Gun.  Lizzie is said to have been sitting in the front row during performances, singing out loud, to all of the songs, as the cast performed.

Lizzie went on to participate in children’s’ shows, and then worked at the concession stand, and pre show, and eventually in the main show, as well as the daily “shoot-out” that is reenacted every night on the town square.  Growing up, Lizzie attended concerts of Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift, Lady Antebellum, and others.  And her style of music is similar to Taylor Swift and Lady Antebellum.  People in the industry say they love working with Lizzie.  She is clean cut, a breath of fresh air, a little old fashioned in certain ways, wholesome, fun loving, and very respectful of others.  Lizzie is a genuine sweetheart.

With a whole lot of country and a hint of pop, Lizzie provides us with a great story, about overcoming life’s obstacles, mistreatments, and/or misfortunes.  In her debut single, “Butterfly”, Listeners will be surprised with her mature and deep sounds.  Don’t expect Lizzie to be a replica of any mainstream country artist because she definitely can hold her own when it comes to satiating a country music lover’s appetite with her mature vocals and youthful lyrics.

Lizzie’s debut single, “Butterfly,” is currently being played on radio.  The song is very catchy and with the great lyrics and beats, this song could easily be playing on the top 40 radio stations, it would fit there well!  With great songs like this one, she has a great career ahead of her!

The “in studio” music video of “Butterfly” is playing on Great American Country and Zuus Country (formally TCN).  You can also watch it below!

Lizzie Sider has also helped out and toured the St. Jude Children’s Hospital in Memphis, and hopes to play for the kids there, one day, soon.  Lizzie has performed at the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, FL and at the Ronald McDonald House in Nashville.  Lizzie sees herself as having a calling to perform on the big stage and to become a role model and inspiration to others.  Good luck Lizzie!  Learn more about Lizzie Sider at:  Follow her on Facebook at: and on Twitter @LizzieSider.

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