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Auburn Is Going To The BCS National Championship Game


What a season for the Auburn Tigers.  Just when you think that loss from LSU would ruin any chances for a BCS National Championship, think again!  Today, Auburn took care of business and defeated Missouri to win the SEC Championship, then the waiting game.  Both Florida State and Ohio State played their championship games at the same time.  Florida State dominated Duke at the ACC Championship Game.  But Michigan State upset Ohio State!  And it will be Auburn vs. Florida State in the BCS National Championship Game at the Rose Bowl!

I mean, what a team of density for Auburn.  First, we had the Miracle at Jordan Hare when Auburn caught that touchdown pass!

Then he had Kick, Bama, Kick where Auburn ran the ball back 109 yards with one second left to win the Iron Bowl!

Today, Auburn took care of business and won against Missouri at the SEC Championship game!

And tonight, Toomer’s Corner is being rolled, twice!

Speaking of Toomer’s Corner, here are some pictures from tonight on social media!

Here’s hoping Auburn will bring home the BCS crystal ball and we get repeat of the 2010 Toomer’s Corner national championship rolling!

Auburn will be representing the SEC for a chance to win the BCS National Championship for the eighth straight time and for the fifth straight time for the state of Alabama!  Considering that Florida State is in Tallahassee and near Alabama, Auburn vs. Florida State is going to be a game where the entire state will be glued to ESPN!  I mean, Tallahassee and Auburn is only around 200 miles from each other.  And Florida State QB Jameis Winston is from Hueytown, AL.  I wonder how the folks in Dothan are going to feel since there are Auburn and Florida State fans living there?  One great thing, the southeast US will be keeping the BCS crystal ball!  We know our football!

The VIZIO BCS National Championship Game between Auburn and Florida State will take place at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA on January 6th, 2014 at 7:30 pm Central on ESPN.  Learn more by clicking here!

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