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Good News Fridays: I Charleston Huntsville / Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth

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This week on Good News Fridays, I am featuring two different videos that are very inspirational!  Both of these videos should leave a big smile on your face and I enjoyed watching them!  In the first video called “I Charleston Huntsville”, more than 60 dancers shot over 400 hours of video over five weekends to create the video.  In all, there are about 2,000 man hours invested in the project.  Most of the funding to make this video came out of their own pockets and the Huntsville Convention & Visitors Bureau helped the dancers get access to the sites where they wanted to film.

The video is part of the “I Charleston the World” movement that began in 2010 and members from the Huntsville Swing Dance Society helped in the making of this video.  So far, Huntsville is just one of nine cities in the U.S. that have joined the movement to promote swing dancing and their cities.  And I think this video below is one of the best you are going to see!  Learn more at:

I also wanted to share this great video from the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock in New Hampshire.  This video was all shot in only six hours and features some of the patients and staff of the hospital.  The video is set to the Katy Perry song “Roar” and everyone did a wonderful job in this video!  Learn more about the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth at:

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