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TV Review: R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series Season Four

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R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series is one of the original shows on the Hub Network when the network launched three years ago.  By the way, October 10th is the Hub Network’s third anniversary, Happy Birthday!  This series is a Canadian/American original anthology horror-fantasy series.  The new show is produced by Front Street Pictures, The Hatchery, Incendo Films and Endemol.  This series was one of four original series from the Hub Network that won the CINE Golden Eagle Award for high quality production and storytelling.  And this series won a 2013 Daytime Emmy® for Outstanding Children’s Series.  This series has scared people for three seasons now.  And the fourth season premiere is this Saturday!

During the season premiere, two brand new episodes will be shown.  In “Séance”, Naomi tries to scare her young and naïve sister Carla by setting up what they believe is a fake séance. However, after summoning the mysterious spirit Cyrus, a neighborhood legend, they realize what was once an old tale is actually real.  This is basically your average teenage slumber party when the parents are away and the younger child wants some attention.  Although, they find someone very scary at the end of the episode!


And in the other new episode called “Detention”, An unlikely group of high-school students spend the afternoon together in detention, where strange things and people start appearing out of no where causing everyone to freak out. Later, they must each face the truth of why they’re really in detention or else be stuck in school forever.  This was a really touching episode, sometimes a funny prank can lead to some serious consequences.  I thought this was a well done episode!


Yes, I was given a chance to preview the first two episodes for season four.  And I have to say this series has the same style from the last three seasons!  If you are a fan of some classic shows like Goosebumps or Are You Afraid of the Dark, you will like R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series.  By the way, as a kid I was got scared watching scary shows.  Of course I don’t get scared anymore!

Season four will also have some cool special guests!  Does anyone recognize this guy below?  Yep, it’s Christopher Lloyd from Back to the Future in the episode called “Grampires.”


Robert Capron from Diary of a Wimpy Kid will be in the episode called “The Cast.”


And Rico Rodriguez from “Modern Family” will be in the episode called “The Weeping Woman.”


There are also other cameo guests in season four like Willow Shields, Mackenzie Foy, Dylan Minnette, Madeline Carroll, and Joey King.  This series will be on its way to winning even more awards to add to its trophy case.  Season four of R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour: The Series premieres on Saturday October 12th at 7 pm Eastern / 4 pm Pacific on the Hub Network.  To learn more about this series, go to:

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