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Celebrate 75 Years of Superman With the Royal Canadian Mint


Oh Canada!  It’s great to see a country’s currency go geek!  And the Canadian Mint has done that with an exclusive line of Superman coins.  The Royal Canadian Mint has partnered with DC Entertainment to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Superman and its Canadian connection.  Why does Canada lay claim to Superman you ask?  Canada lays claim to Superman because Superman artist Joe Shuster grew up in Toronto and the first Superman comic submitted was drawn on the back of a roll of wallpaper from Toronto.

The Royal Canadian Mint is offering several coins ranging from $10 up to $75.  Each coin features some of the most iconic art from the past 75 years.  All of the coins are engraved with, “75 years of Superman,” in Kryptonian on the reverse side.  And the coins comes in a unique box featuring some of the most memorable signs associated with this iconic superhero.  Also, some of the coins come with a commemorative stamp.

The coins are either silver or gold and feature full color paint featuring some great Superman moments.  One of the coins features a Metropolis hologram and is the first coin in the world featuring a struck achromatic hologram!  Another coin is a world first and is the first gold coin ever to feature the Man Of Steel.


Each coin has a limit of two per family, and The Royal Canadian Mint will only ship to Canada and the United States. The coins can only be purchased from the Royal Canadian Mint website and they are selling out fast!  Now I don’t expect this to happen, but the coins are legal tender in Canada.  So they can be used as money, but why would you buy something with a Superman coin?

To learn more and to buy a Superman coin, go to:

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