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TV Review: Robot Combat League

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A brand new show that should interest many people premieres on Syfy tonight!  Robot Combat League is a new show where 12 teams of individuals from diverse backgrounds will compete in a tournament where they are paired with a 8-foot, 1000-pound humanoid robot that they control using an exo-suit that directs its movements.  Sounds cool does it!

Sure, most of you are thinking this show looks like the movie Real Steel. Remember that movie from 2011 starring Hugh Jackman and Dakota Goyo.

The host of Robot Combat League is WWE wrestler Chris Jericho.  I thought he hosted the first episode pretty well.  The robots were designed and built by Mark Setrakian, whose work has been featured in films like Men in Black, Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Hellboy.  Setrakian’s other developments in the field include life-saving robotic systems, creature effects and animatronics.  The play-by-play host is Dave Farra.  In the first episode, we get to see the individuals backgrounds and we get to meet all 12 robots!  You have to admit, these are very cool robots!

new-show-robot-combat-league-will-make-its-way-to-syfyRobot Combat League - Season 1A-moment-from-Robot-Combat-League_event_main

During the first episode, we see the teams being introduced to the robots and then they have a challenge to set the brackets from one through twelve.  Using the exo-suit for the first time to punch a plate off of a robot was not that hard!  Most of this episode was used to see the team’s training with the technology to control the robots during the fight.  Then we get to see the first fight between two robots!  I did think the electrical sparks were just there for props.  But otherwise, these robots can fight!  In fact; when the robot is activated no one can be within 3 feet of the robot because someone could be accidentally killed.

I was thinking this show would have been similar to Robot Wars.  But after watching the first episode, I was impressed on how all of this was pulled off!  I was also thinking about the classic game Rock ‘em, Sock ‘em Robots when I first heard of this show.  But these robots really can fight!  I do look forward to watching how this season progresses!

The first episode of Robot Combat League premieres Tuesday, February 26 at 10 pm / 9 pm central on Syfy.  The first episode is available on,, XBox 360, Roku and VOD.  Or you can watch it below!

Learn more about Robot Combat League at:

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  1. It really did seem like they pulled their cast from all walks of life, but I am mostly intrigued by the robots! I do work at DISH, but I used to do animatronics for quite some time and I never built something as impressive as these 12 massive brutes. I am thrilled I finally got to see them and their robo-jockeys on the premier last night. I would normally have waited until I got home to watch it because I am out of town, but I never have to now that I own a DISH Hopper. It lets me watch all of my DVR recordings and live television right on my phone, so I no longer miss my favorite shows no matter where I am.