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Interstate 49 Now In Missouri


Today the Interstate Highway system grew by 180 miles, as U.S. 71 in Missouri is officially renumbered to I-49 between the Arkansas state line and Kansas City!  Okay, U.S. 71 will still follow I-49 in Missouri.  But when you have a huge chunk of new interstate open it’s exciting for a roadgeek!  MoDOT has been working on upgrading the U.S. 71 4-lane to freeway status and all the hard work payed off today.  Here is the video MoDOT put together revealing the new I-49!

MoDOT had put up I-49 signs along the U.S. 71 route but had them covered up until the ceremony today.  Throughout the day MoDOT workers have uncovered the I-49 signs and are putting up new I-49 signs on the big green BGS signs.  Here are some pictures I have found online showing the new I-49 signs and the workers putting them up.  Also here are some links from the local TV stations covering this big event!,0,5111997.story

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