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Movie Review: The Avengers

I went to see the new movie from Joss Whedon called The Avengers and I have to say that this was the best superhero action movie I have ever seen!  The nearly 2 1/2 hour-long movie was action packed and gave each main character plenty of camera time.  Plus there was a couple of great laughs throughout the film.  One tip for the people who have not seen the movie.  Sit through the credits as there are two bonus scenes!  The movie made a little over $200 million over the opening weekend.  So go see this movie!  Below I am going into detail about the movie; if you do not want to know about the movie consider this an SPOILER ALERT!


The movie opens when Nick Fury played by Samuel L. Jackson arrives at a research facility that is remote.  The facility is undergoing an evacuation because the Tesseract was activated.  This device has a massive energy source that has unlimited potential.  Fury meets agent Maria Hill and has a confrontation with villain Asgardian Loki.  Loki uses the Tesseract and controls the minds of several S.H.I.E.L.D. personnel.  This scene was very cool and the computer effects were great.  Then we have a great getaway scene as the facility is blown up and everything collapses into the earth.  And right off the bat; the movie opens up to great scenes.  This was only the start.

Fury decides to launch the Avengers Initiative; and we go through the part of the movie where we see the lives of superheroes such as Iron Man, The Hulk and Captain America.  And at the same time; we see Loki talking to Alexis Denisof; who offers Loki an alien army raced called the Chitauri when he gets the Tesseract.  This part of the movie was slower but there was some good laughs and great story-lines on some of the superheroes.

Loki travels to Germany to get some iridium needed to stabilize the Tesseract’s power.  This while at the same time he crashes a party.  And when all of the party-goers run they are met by Loki who demands they kneel before him.  This is something I would never do. When one of the party-goers refuses to kneel and stands up to Loki.  He is almost killed by Loki’s weapon but saved by Captain America’s shield.  This fight scene was another action packed part of the movie and I loved it.  Loki is captured and while on the plane Thor lands on top to get Loki.  And we see Iron Man and Captain America skydive out of the plane to recapture Loki and confront Thor.  The special effects in this part of the movie was great.  I really liked when Thor’s hammer flattened a huge part of the forest.

Loki is captured again and the group arrives at an aircraft carrier that has massive engines. We see some great special effects seeing the carrier fly up in the air.  That was a cool part of the movie.  Loki is put into a jail cell designed to hold The Hulk.  The Avengers and Fury are divided on how to use the Tesseract to develop weapons but are clueless to see that Loki has planned an ambush.  In one of the best parts of the movie; Loki’s agents attack the helicarrier and blow up an engine.  Iron Man attempts to restart the engine while Captain America fends off some shooters.  But the coolest part was when we got to see The Hulk blow up.  And we have this awesome battle scene between The Hulk and Thor.  Eventually both of them are ejected from the ship.  Agent Coulson tries to stop Loki with a powerful weapon but is killed.  This was a very sad part of the movie.  Fury rallies the superheroes to work together.  And this is really needed as Loki is about to launch an attack on New York City.

Loki is on top of Stark Tower and uses the Tesseract to open a portal to another world.  The Chitauri starts the attack on New York and The Avengers step in to help stop it.  But they are quickly overwhelmed by the aliens and their massive ships that looked like giants dragons that eats and destroys everything it touches.  The Avengers help citizens escape and fight the aliens while Fury tries to stop an attempt to send a nuclear warhead to blow up New York City.  Iron Man intercepts the warhead and takes it through the portal to blow up the Chitauri mother-ship.  Iron Man loses power and gets through the portal before it closes.  Loki is captured and The Avengers go their separate ways.  This part of the movie was awesome as the battle sequence was the best ever!  One of the bonus scenes was when Other confers with Thanos about the attack on Earth; while the other scene was when the Avengers eat in silence at a shawarma restaurant.

The Avengers lived up to its hype!  This was the best superhero movie Marvel has come out with.  And with Joss Whedon directing the movie.  This movie was a blast to sit through and time really did flew by.  The actors in the movie did a superb job and the special effects was awesome!  The battles all throughout the movie was the best battles I have ever seen.  Every character got plenty of screen time in the movie and you do not have to read the comics or watch the past superhero movies to follow the story-line of The Avengers.  I recommend everyone to go see The Avengers as I will probably go see it again!

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