Rainsville Tornado


One of the few tornadoes to be rated an EF5 on April 27th hit in Dekalb County Alabama.  Communities such as Geraldine, Fyffe, Rainsville, and Sylvania were hit hard of this tornado.  33 people died on that day and the tornado path was a little over 33 miles.  The most impressive part about this storm was many people saw this storm from a huge distance away.  This video was shot at Mentone, AL.  The structure on this storm is just jaw-dropping.

Simply seeing a huge tornado just going south of Rainsville has to seen chills down anyone’s spine.  These two videos show the power of this tornado.

This person got a little too close for comfort as the tornado passed by her house.  Some of these tornado videos feature people who are scared or frightened.  And their breathing becomes very heavy.  These folks should be in a shelter instead of becoming a YouTube star.

This was indeed a strong tornado!


Coosa Valley Model Train Show

Another event I covered on Saturday was the Coosa Valley model train show in Gadsden.  This show had many vendors selling model train equipment and other things.  Plus there were some train models in the show with live working trains and equipment.  Then I went to the Hardin Center where the permanent train model is on display.  This was a great event for train lovers!

Alabama Social Media Association With Erika Napoletano

So on Tuesday many people including me had a wonderful time at the Alabama Social Media Association Luncheon with special guest Erika Napoletano from http://www.redheadwriting.com/ and her new book The Power of Unpopular.  http://www.unpopularbook.com/  The room was at capacity for a great speaker!  This was Erika’s first visit in Alabama in 38 years!  And a little known fact about Erika is she was born in Opelika Alabama.  So yes she does have a little southern in her even though she lives in Colorado.

Erika talked about many tips from her new book The Power of Unpopular.  To get things started she said that the southern saying “bless you heart” was the equivalent to a middle finger!  And even though she had slides prepared for her speech.  She “$%^ing hates slides.”  You can tell where this might be going.

She gave out many great tips for running a business.  In fact the worst thing she did in her business was “thinking I wasn’t good enough.”  Everybody needs to think that they will succeed in the business world.  She also said that everyone in this room has a chance to build a successful business.  That should give anyone the good feeling that they can succeed!  One of my favorite quotes of the day was “your geek is poised for success!”  I can agree to that!

Yes that is a chicken in the above picture.  Erika gave several tips to running a successful business.  Your business should not be making more faster.  And continue to own your business so the business doesn’t own you!  Businesses needs approachability and shareability in their business.  The best brands have conversations and have ownership in a brand.  One great example is when you leave a comment on a blog or social media site.  If the owner does not respond back you can make the customer angry.  Erika even hates bloggers who turns off comments.  If you were a DVR; she would fast forward you!  Everyone can agree with that!

Another great tip was personality.  She does not apologize for what she puts out there on her blog.  And I recommend you read her blog at http://www.redheadwriting.com/.  Some very good stuff is over there.  She recommends you do business with people who develops a brand personality.  She told everyone to figure out who you are and don’t build your brand for the middle.  One great tip for anyone was when you make yourself show people will share back.  Anyone can use that tip!

Any business must have a profit or you will fail!  The most important part of her speech was about profitability.  She went into a rant about this topic and what sticks out the most? F*ck you – Pay me!  Yep; some strong language there but it all makes sense!  She told everyone that you run a business, not a free clinic.  And cash money levels the playing field.  And if you are thinking about a trade?  That’s total BS!  All businesses should follow this model!

I had a great time at this luncheon.  Erika told everyone you need to read The Alchemist, The Last Lecture, and Flat Stanley.  And she told everyone that it’s not scary getting out of your comfort zone.  Go to http://www.unpopularbook.com/ and http://www.redheadwriting.com/ to learn more about Erika Napoletano.  Maybe I could use some of these tips in my 10 month-long job search!  Yes I have been out of work for that long; bless my heart.