Check Out This Low Budget Star Wars Fan Made Trailer


The YouTube channel Dumb Drum made a low budget shot by shot remake of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer!  Instead of fancy computer graphics, they used cardboard and glue.  Instead of the snowy lightsaber scene, they shot in a field with a cardboard lightsaber, and it gets better!  The YouTube channel uses “Sweded”, which means summarized recreation of popular pop-culture films using limited budgets and a camcorder.  This is very Sweded, enjoy!

Check Out Star Wars Pancakes On Fat Tuesday


Someone did not tell me that today is Shrove Tuesday, or Pancake Day, or Fat Tuesday.  So Star Wars did something cool!  They took pancake batter and turned it into characters from the Star Wars films!  Let’s hope your pancakes don’t turn to the dark side!  Enjoy!

The Evening Post: Starstruck CBS Pilot From The 1970’s

Geek Alabama Evening Post

All right, tonight I am embedding a pilot to a Star Wars like TV show that only lasted one episode!  Starstruck was a CBS show that first aired in 1979.  This failed sci-fi comedy featured a family called the McAllister’s opening a restaurant in outer space.  If you want to see a very long and drawn out intro, bad writing, weird people in costumes, and a laugh track that makes no sense, enjoy the 26 minute video below!

The Evening Post: Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer

Geek Alabama Evening Post

All Star Wars fans, your first trailer is now here!  Although this trailer did not give us much at all, it was a good short trailer!  I really liked the Seth with that sword looking lightsaber.  So, enjoy the first trailer below, and get ready one year from now to see the movie!

Watch The Amazing Hummingbird Feeding Video From Smarter Every Day


Wow, does SmarterEveryDay put out some great videos!  In their latest video, Destin Sandlin travels to Ramona in Grant, Alabama, where she has a lot of hummingbird feeders around her house.  Then, Destin takes all of the feeders down, and inserts one small feeder in his mouth, and it does not take long for one hummingbird to feed from the hummingbird feeder, all in slow motion!  This is some amazing footage!  And great job Destlin wearing that Star Wars shirt.

If you liked these hummingbirds, like Romona’s Facebook page Gunter Mountain Photography at:

And unlike the tattooing videos, this video is great for the entire family, kids will love watching this video during the Thanksgiving holidays, enjoy!