Did You Miss The Lunar Eclipse, Watch These Videos Instead


The lunar eclipse happened this week, did you sleep in or forget?  Don’t worry, I have some videos here for you to enjoy!  The first video from the YouTube channel Gian Masi is the full lunar eclipse, which is over two hours long!  And he uses videos from several different areas.

Don’t want to watch a two hour long video?  I have two more videos from the YouTube channels CNN and National Geographic.  These videos are a lot quicker, enjoy!

The Southern Geek – Vlog Episode 16 / Time To Bring Back The Fairness Doctrine


In episode 16 of The Southern Geek, I talk about political divisiveness in America. And why it might be time to bring back the Fairness Doctrine, so America can come together again!  Seriously, people have become more divided in America on everyday issues.  And for some people, it’s their way or the highway, and some people have lost friends because of political discourse.  And here in Alabama, did you know that a country radio station plays the theme song to Superman before Rush Limbaugh comes on?  Yep, politics have gotten out of control.

But what if people in America came back together again.  And actually listened to what other people have to say instead of just ignoring them?  If the Fairness Doctrine came back, all TV and radio stations would have to present both sides of the story, left and right.  That means no more FOX News doing only Right stories and MSNBC doing only left stories.  I would also extend the Fairness Doctrine to all blogs and websites that mostly does politics.  This is what I would like to see!  Watch the video below, and think about it, should the Fairness Doctrine come back?  Leave a comment below!

The Oklahoma Minimum Wage Debacle / Why A Basic Income Is Good For America


Today, a story from the state of Oklahoma went viral, and it involves some people and how much they make at their jobs.  Governor Mary Fallin today signed a bill banning any city inside the state from establishing a mandatory minimum wage.  Cities are also banned from enacting mandatory paid sick days or vacation requirements.  With this bill signed, cities can not enact a higher minimum wage than the current $7.25 an hour.  Fallin actually said the bill would prevent a hodgepodge of minimum wages in different parts of the state that could potentially harm the business community, really?  Is Oklahoma moving towards telling every city and country what to do?  I thought this was a free country?

At the same time, Fallin signed some other bills including tax credits for banking institutions and public investments.  Good job, give more tax credits to the rich and well off folks while leaving poor people in the dust!  Some people that say the minimum wage should not be increased say most of the people working at minimum wage jobs are students or people wanting only part-time work.  And these people are so wrong!  The average age for a person working a minimum wage job is 35 years old.  A half million people working minimum wage jobs are college graduates.  And 90% of people who would benefit from a hike in the minimum wage are over 20 years old.  Get the message, because of the bad economy, older adults with families to support are working minimum wage jobs, and it’s not right!

Years ago, the city of Talladega was about to get a Louisiana grocery store chain to move into town.  But there was one problem, the business had employees who were union represented, and that meant everyone working there had a good pay.  Not a huge amount of pay, but enough to live comfortably.  Some employees, like the bagboy for example, made more than a bagboy working at another store in town.  So the city council rejected the store from coming into town, because they were afraid the higher wages would drive up the costs of other things, really?  Even today, the Honda Plant in Lincoln will not work with the city of Talladega.  And the Talladega/Sylacauga region is the 5th poorest region in America.

So my point is this, yes, Oklahoma has more jobs available than what is available in Alabama.  But playing politics and denying cities an opportunity to raise their minimum wage is a slap in the face to all low-income working people in Oklahoma.  I thought this was also a good time to bring this up.  With more and more jobs becoming a thing of the past, what are people who can not find anything going to do?  Hope they can get on Social Security Disability?  Not everyone has an opportunity to find a job.  Some have gone through so many jobs no one will consider them.  Some have been unemployed for years, and employers look the other way.  And some are not attractive, and no amount of work experience and college education will help them.

From the CNN opinion article written by David Wheeler, what if the government guaranteed an income for everyone each month?  Just enough money to take care of the basic needs of everyone, like rent and utilities.  The current government safety net programs like Food Stamps and welfare costs more than $1 trillion a year!  If the United States Government gave everyone a monthly basic income, all welfare programs could end, people who are struggling could be comfortable with the funding to pay their bills, people would be lifted out of poverty, and economies in poorer areas would improve!

People who are struggling with long-term unemployment, like me, would gain some huge  psychological benefits knowing that people with no work do not have to worry about food and shelter.  Look, technology and new technology in the future will eliminate more and more jobs, even in places like China and India.  With fewer and fewer jobs available for the growing amount of people around the world, what are people with no prospects of hope going to do?  Starve and live on the streets?   If countries like Brazil and states like Alaska are already giving out money to everyone living there, this country can do the same thing.  Ever watch the series Star Trek?  Money in that series is not a basis for their economy and everyone lives at a comfortable level.

If everyone got a basic income, it does not mean jobs will disappear forever.  People can still find and work at a job and receive a basic income at the same time.  If something is not done, more people are going to remain unemployed, and if safety nets like SNAP are cut, as some politicians are wanting to do, than eventually civil unrest is going to happen.  People will not live in misery without doing something.  A basic income would prevent the misery and potential civil unrest, it’s the right thing to do!

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The Evening Post: Times Square Ball Drop Into 2014

Geek Alabama Evening Post

Happy New Year Everybody!  For this Evening Post, I am going to embed a CNN clip showing the Times Square Ball Drop to ring in 2014!  Thousands of people packed into Times Square in New York City to see the ball drop.  Enjoy the video!


The Cable One / Turner Broadcasting Controversy


UPDATE: The dispute between Cable One and Turner Broadcasting has been resolved.  The process of restoring the Turner channels will begin immediately and may take several days to complete, Cable One says.

I don’t know who thought this was a great idea.  But Cable One and the Turner Broadcasting System is in a war against each other.  Cable One claims that Turner has demanded an increase of nearly 50% for channels with steadily declining ratings.  Keep in mind, Cable One only carries TBS and TNT in HD and does not even carry TruTV.  CNN, Turner Classic Movies, HLN, and Cartoon Network is not even offered in HD, and this is 2013.

Cable One did say they had secured TBS, TNT, and the Cartoon Network and were still on the air for a while, until Turner Broadcasting pulled the plug on those channels.  Cable One had contracts signed to carry TBS, TNT, and Cartoon Network, but someone from Turner decided the contracts were not enough and pulled the plug on those channels.  Cable One does say all customers will receive a credit on the next bill, but how much will the credit be?  So I am here to say that the shutdown of the Turner Network channels are both the faults of Cable One and Turner Broadcasting Systems.

From Turner.

From Turner.

Cable One and Turner Broadcasting both made big mistakes when they dropped the channels from Turner.  You do realize that Anniston and Calhoun County is home to numerous Atlanta Braves Baseball fans, right?  Game one of the NLDS between the Dodgers and the Braves is tomorrow night on TBS.  And if you are on Cable One, you are out of luck!  Some restaurants and bars here in Calhoun County also has Cable One and they are about to have some angry customers!  One of the few restaurants, Heroes American Grille, has DirectTV, and that place will be packed tomorrow night!

This is not the first time Cable One has been locked in a battle between a network.  Earlier this year, they threatened to pull AMC-TV and the final three episodes of The Walking Dead, thankfully, crisis was averted!  Now, Cable One is in yet another battle between another network, this is getting old!  Cable One has had more carriage disagreements between networks than any other cable provider.  Is it because they want to keep rates low, or is it because of greed?  With my cable bill getting higher, I believe Cable One wants more money.  Or they are really telling the wrong things to the super villain.

Cable One is really moving backwards with their customer service.  First, they shut off analog channels and went all digital and forced all cable customers to get a box to access cable.  If you need more than two boxes, it costs an extra $5 each.  Two, they have a really small HD lineup and many channels that are available in HD, are not offered in HD on Cable One.  And now, they have shut off channels that many people liked?  To the leaders of Calhoun County and Anniston, I really have a simple message for you!

You need to kick Cable One out-of-town and bring in another cable provider when their contract agreement ends.  Anniston could start up a competing cable provider to compete against Cable One and they would become the toast of the town.  I think AT&T Uverse, DirectTV, and Dish Network (which has a dispute with Alabamas 13) are going to get very popular here in Anniston and Calhoun County.  Because I am getting tired of people who are greedy, and many people around me are getting tired of greed as well!  Both CEO’s of Turner and Cable One are patted with money, while they let the others become scapegoats.  This has got to change!  And if Turner does not come back to Cable One soon, Cable One is going to have an even smaller subscriber base here in Calhoun County.  Get it together!