The Evening Post: Geek & Sundry and Nerdist Extra Life Live Stream

Geek Alabama Evening Post

This weekend, Geek & Sundry and Nerdist are coming together to raise money for Children’s Miracle Network on Twitch with a weekend of fun and games.  On October 2nd and 3rd, you will be able to watch others play games for charity.  On October 3rd, you can watch a 12-hour live stream from Noon to Midnight (PST) hosted by Geek & Sundry’s Twitch Hosts, along with the cast of their Twitch show sensation, Critical Role, and joined by their friends at Nerdist! The Critical Role team will host a special campaign with some good friends, all in the name of charity! There will be giveaways, dancing for donations, and special guests stopping by.

To watch the live stream, go to:

Learn more about Extra Life at:

Learn more by watching the video below!

You Can Now Follow Edward Snowden On Twitter


Well, Edward Snowden, the guy will leaked the stuff that the federal government was spying on us, has joined Twitter!  His account @Snowden has already gotten over 800,000 followers, including me!  His first tweet was:

And if you have noticed, Snowden has only followed one account, @NSAGov.  The Twitter account for the NSA, well played!

So why not follow Edward Snowden, you should!  Follow him @Snowden.

Crowdsourcing Mornings: Sapphire’s Castle

Geek Alabama Crowdsourcing Mornings

This is Crowdsourcing Mornings! This post takes place every weekday morning and highlights one crowdsourcing project I liked from Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other crowdsourcing websites.

Sapphire’s Castle is an adventure Children’s Book, where the female lead and heroine defeats a dragon with her best friend Archer. This book is important to them because it helps to promote diversity in our children’s books – which is definitely lacking.  Diversity within books will help to enrich our children’s lives and their world view to make our communities stronger and more tolerant. In having three sons, Peter Clark was so excited to write a book with an African-American, female lead to help in their social education.

They are raising funds to print a quality hardcover, full-color book and also to produce fun rewards your family and friends can enjoy. They promise to keep you updated after their funding and get your rewards to you as quickly as possible. They can’t wait for you to fall in love with Sapphire’s Castle too!  How Sapphire’s Castle Came to Be: When his family noticed that most books had a male lead when it came to adventure and bravery, he knew he wanted to create something different. With that being said, he decided to make a full-color children’s book that put a brave little girl in the heroine role for Sapphire’s Castle.


As of September 30th, this project has raised around $1,000 of their $3,500 goal. This project only has 27 days left to raise the $3,500 or it will not be funded!  For a pledge of $15, you will get a signed hardcover copy of the book.  For a pledge of $30, you will get signed hardcover copies of Sapphire’s Castle and The Mighty Knights. Plus a Mighty Knights Pencil and Sticker.  To learn more and to pledge money, go to:

The Evening Post: Last Week Tonight Talks About The Europe Refugee Crisis

Geek Alabama Evening Post

This should be required viewing.  Last Week Tonight With John Oliver has dived into the European refugee crisis.  Millions of refugees seeking asylum in Europe face hostility, racism, and red tape.  And it’s a shame that some countries and people in Europe are turning an blind eye to these people who have faced wars in Syria.  You must watch this!

Catch Episode 21 Of The New Screen Savers


Episode 21 of The New Screen Savers is here!  In this episode, Leo Laporte is joined by co-host Jason Snell.  In this episode, you get to see the best of Maker Faire World, learn more about TechCrunch CoHero, see the BB-8 robot tear down, Pomplamoose plays live, and more.  Enjoy!