The Evening Post: Stuart Scott’s ESPY Speech

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Last Wednesday, Stuart Scott from ESPN received the 2014 Jimmy V Perseverance Award.  As you know, Stuart has been battling with cancer.  The award is named after late college basketball coach Jim Valvano, who was also battling cancer, and died shortly after giving his great speech at the 1993 ESPY’s.  Stuart Scott has had several surgeries and is still battling his cancer.  The two videos below are something you should watch!

Roadscapes Wednesday: Urban Isolation

Roadscapes Geek Alabama

On this Roadscapes Wednesday, I am featuring a video from the Vimeo channel  about empty Los Angeles freeways!  The video features people on skateboards as they ride down empty streets and freeways in Los Angeles.  The video is a celebration about skateboard filmmaking, and making roads and highways be free of all traffic!  And if you like the scenes in the video below, Russell is selling prints on his website.  All proceeds will be donated to LA county animal shelters.  One crazy fact about the making of this video, people actually skateboarded down the freeways with traffic on them, don’t do that at home!

Go to Russell Houghten’s website at:, enjoy the video!

And here is the same video, with the traffic in it!

Two Videos To Show You Why You Never Leave Anyone In A Hot Car


The dangers of having a person or animal locked inside a hot car is real!  Each year, people and animals are killed because they are trapped inside a hot car with no way to get out.  We are talking about animals and small children who are strapped into a baby seat and can not open the doors.  Also, some cars come with safety features so the car doors can not be opened from the inside.  While trapped in a hot car, temperatures rise well above 100 degrees within minutes!

Being exposed to extremely hot temperatures with no way to escape will eventually lead to death, within minutes!  So, to document the dangers of being trapped inside a hot car, several videos from Terry Williams and Officer David Melancon show the dangers of staying in a hot car.  It only takes minutes for the body to shut down when stuck in a hot car!  Never leave any person or animal in a hot car, even if you are gone for a few minutes!  These videos are proof that staying in a hot car leads to death.  These people had a way to get out of the hot car, small kids and animals don’t have a way to get out!

Watch The Inspiring I’m Human Video Made In Alabama


Here is a special video made by a middle school class in Alabama!  In this video called I’m Human, you see students from Liberty Middle School in Madison, Alabama.  Language arts teacher Daniel Whitt created this video project that had students holding up signs that reveal things about their lives.  At the end of the video, people held the sign saying “I’m Human.”  The video shows us what makes us different as students, citizens, and humans.   And the video has over 100,000 views now, enjoy!

Vote For Gulf Shores In The Good Morning America Favorite Place Contest


Good Morning America is currently holding a contest highlighting the favorite places in America selected by viewers!  Gulf Shores is one of five favorite places viewers selected, and you have until Thursday morning to help make Gulf Shores as the most favorite place in America.  The other locations include Lake Tahoe, Glacier National Park, Acadia National Park, and the Lakefront in Chicago.  So there is some stiff competition!

To vote for Gulf Shores, go to Twitter and type #GulfShores to @GMA then add #GMAFavePlace.  Each hashtag for #GulfShores is one vote!  On Thursday morning, Good Morning America will reveal America’s favorite place, good luck to Gulf Shores!  And if you are a newbie to Twitter, here is how to vote for Gulf Shores from my Twitter account.