The Evening Post: HLN’s Morning Express As The Golden Girls

Geek Alabama Evening Post

Tonight, I am sharing a video from HLN, and their morning show Morning Express with Robin Meade.  In this Halloween spoof, Robin and the rest of the crew dressed as the cast of the classic sitcom The Golden Girls.  The crew got help from Dorothy Zbornak impersonator Topher Payne, and I thought they nailed it!  So, enjoy some Golden Girls Halloween fun below!

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The 10 Things I Would Have In My Horror Movie Survival Crate To Survive


The folks from Man Crates, a company that ships awesome gifts for men in custom wooden crates that has to be open with a crowbar, yes a crowbar, asked me a question.  But first, here is a video on how to open the crate.

So, what was the question Man Crates wanted me to answer?  What if you were suddenly placed into a horror movie?  If you were running from zombies, or hiding from that serial killer, what would you do?  Man Crates wants me to think about what I would have in my Horror Movie Survival Crate.  And, there are a lot of things I could put into that crate.

As Halloween approaches many rituals go into full swing. Costume hunting, pumpkin carving, and of course, scary movie watching. No matter how many times you see the same story, you still get a kick out of it.  For example, when I watch The Walking Dead, I always root for the zombies!  I am the kind of person who always roots for the evil person, or object, that ruins the lives of the ones who are trying to make it out alive.  I would root for the monster eating the person alive, or the alien killing someone with their lasers, or the zombies eating alive the person left behind, that is the person I am, the more gruesome, the better.

But, what if I was sucked through the TV screen and placed into The Walking Dead, or Jeepers Creepers?  It’s suddenly not fun and games anymore, and one wrong move, and I will six feet under.  So, what would I have with me to survive the zombie apocalypse or that monster snatching people from the sky?  What would I put in my horror movie survivor crate?  Here are 10 things that would be must haves in my crate!

Hand Cranked Flashlight


Yes, everyone will need a flashlight to survive.  But you don’t want to risk yourself trying to find batteries.  A hand cranked flashlight would be your best solution.  And it should come with a radio too, just in case the government sends some important information.

A Weapon


When in a horror movie, everyone thinks the best weapon is a gun, but let me tell you, bullet supplies can run low, or even run out!  So when you don’t have the bullets for your gun, it becomes a useless weapon.  I would use a knife or sword as my best weapon in a horror movie.

Swiss Army Knife


You need a tool that is small, and has multiple uses, since you will be walking a lot in a horror movie.  A Swiss army knife can cut things, open canned food, and do a lot more useful things!  This tool is a must have!

First Aid Kit


Someone in your party, or maybe even you, is bound to get injured, so you need a first aid kit.  Believe me, when you are injured, you are going to feel a lot of pain, and make more noises that gets you noticed, and killed.



Food like chips and candy won’t last too long, and canned food will be in short supply, so reach for a MRE, or meals ready to eat.  They can last for years, and you can prepare their food without being noticed, and that is an advantage!

Water Purification Kit / Storage


If you are hiding, or out in the woods, you must be drinking plenty of clean water.  You need a water bottle to store water, and a way to purify water so it’s safe to drink.  If you don’t drink water, and pass out, you will become the most stupid person, to get killed.

Fire Starter


If you are out in the cold, you also must stay warm by having a small fire.  Make sure you use something to hide the fire from the outside world, or goodbye you!

Pocket Knife


In addition to the Swiss army knife, you need a pocket knife to cut food, cut down branches or rope, or use as an additional weapon if that killer is trying to kill you.  If you stab the killer in cold blood, you just wash it off, and use it again.

Duct Tape


Duct Tape can do almost everything, thank you Mythbusters!  Duct Tape will become useful if you are locking yourself in from that monster, or are trying to keep that tarp up so you can be protected from the elements.

A Good Book Or Game


Most of the time, your heart rate is low, and no threat is coming.  You don’t want the TV or computer on and making sounds and light, so a good book or board game will become useful, unless you want to get bored and crazy.

So there you have it, my ten top items I need in a horror movie survival crate.  What would you have in your crate?  Leave a comment below!  Below, is an infographic from Man Crate about how they would make it until the end of a horror movie!  To learn more about Man Crates, go to:


Good News Fridays: Ten Second Songs / Thriller In 20 Styles

Geek Alabama Good News Fridays

The YouTube channel Ten Second Songs did something very cool for Halloween!  Anthony Vincent took the classic Michael Jackson song “Thriller”, and sang the song, in 20 different styles.  He starts off with Michael Jackson, but you will also hear some Marilyn Manson, Spice Girls, Stevie Wonder, Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Zombie, and much more!  He also provides different voices for the narration as well!  If watching this video does not get you into the Halloween spirit, I don’t know what will!

And, if you enjoyed the above video, enjoy the behind the scenes!

10 Safety Tips For A Safe Halloween Night 2014


UPDATE: This is a post I share annually, to make sure kids and adults are safe while out on Halloween night!

Halloween 2014 is tonight!  And many kids are just daydreaming in school about the candy they will get when they go trick-or-treating tonight. So before you send your kids out on Halloween night, make sure they are going to be safe!  Here are some Halloween safety tips to follow.

1. Bring a flashlight. Kids should have a flashlight on them while trick or treating. It does not have to be one kids hold with their hands. It could be one that is strapped around a child’s head. Before Halloween night, make sure flashlights have fresh batteries and don’t be afraid to tape on some reflective tape on that costume. Glow sticks are also a great way to keep kids safe.

2. Stay on sidewalks. Tell kids to stay on sidewalks at all times. Even while going up to a front door of a house. Some yards can have some hidden hazards that could hurt a kid. Tell kids to never cross a road unless it’s at a marked intersection. Kids should look left, right, and left again before crossing the street. Teach children to make eye contact with drivers before crossing in front of them. If no sidewalks, stay on the left side and far off of the road as possible. And kids, don’t use cell phones and electronic devices while trick-or-treating.

3. Check the costume. Make sure your child has good movement and they can walk well while in the costume. Make sure the costume has a good scope of vision. And use some reflective tape so kids can be seen while on the streets. If kids are not comfortable in their costumes, it will make for a miserable Halloween night. Yes, costumes should be flame-resistant.

4. Eat before you go out. You do not want your kids eating candy before it’s inspected by a parent. Tell your kids to not eat any candy collected until after they are done trick-or treating and it’s inspected by an adult. Don’t eat homemade treats from any strangers.

5. Say no to other adults. Children should be trained to say no to other adults who are asking for help. If an adult is asking for help, they should get help from other adults, not from kids. Kids should also know to never approach a vehicle, even if it appears unoccupied. Kids always have a great trick-or-treating experience when a trusted adult goes with them!

6. Teach kids about bribes used by adults. Some adults out there will use any means necessary to lure kids to them. That means candy, money, toys, finding a lost pet, or requests for help. Teach kids to not meet other adults unless it’s at a well-lit house where they are handing out candy. Also, teach kids to scream, kick, run away, or grab something large if they are being taken or chased by an adult that they do not know.

7. Plan the route. With smartphones and maps online, it’s very easy to plan a route for your kids from neighborhoods you trust. You can print out the route or upload the route to a smartphone so kids will follow it. Involve your kids in the route making process so they know where they will go. And make sure you learn the route too, just in case something bad happens.

8. SLOW DOWN while driving. Some adults will use cars to make the treat-or-treat process easier. The car drives up to a house, the kids get out and get candy, and the kids get back into the car. But some drivers will not be safe on Halloween night and drive like it’s any other night. If you are in a neighborhood during the evening hours of Halloween, slow down! Drive slower than the speed limit, turn off the radio, put your windows down, and put away all distractions such as cell phones. Do not assume the kids can see you while trying to cross the street. Stay safe while driving, you do not want to hit another kid.

9. Teach kids vital information. Do kids know the parents phone number and address? If not, you need to teach them that important information now! “Mom and Dad on First Street” will not be enough information in case something bad happens. Some parents might upload important information on a child’s cell phone, but that is not enough. What if the kid loses the cell phone? Kids should know important information from memory. Kids should also know how to use the 911 system. Do they know what information to give while dialing 911? And do they know how to ask a police officer for identification?

10. Have fun. Halloween night is a great time for kids and they will have fun. Make sure they stay in groups and they only go to well-lit houses. If kids are going out without an adult, set a time for return. And tell your kids at what time you must be back at the house. Enjoy Halloween night everyone! And for more great tips, watch the video below and go to:

Come Out To Glenwood Terrace Halloween 2014


For the past few years, Nathan Young and Geek Alabama have taken plenty of pictures and video too of the people dressed in costumes at Glenwood Terrace in East Anniston.  This is an annual event in Anniston on Halloween night and trick-or-treating happens at most houses along Glenwood Terrace.  Each year, the entire street is closed off to traffic and many homes participate by decorating and handing out candy. Many people dress in costumes and walk on the streets. And each year, horseman Craig Waldron plays the role of the headless horseman.  Here is video from me in 2013.

So, want to come out and enjoy the fun?  Halloween at Glenwood Terrace starts at 5 pm and will last until 9 pm.  Come out early, because Glenwood Terrace, and many surrounding streets, are closed down to traffic at 5 pm.  Glenwood Terrace is easily accessible off of Highland Ave. in East Anniston. You can park on any street around Glenwood Terrace but no vehicles will be allowed on Glenwood Terrace during trick-or-treating.

The entire thing is free!  And you will get to enjoy kids and adults dressed up in their best Halloween costumes.  Great ready, trick-or-treating is tonight!

Check out pictures from 2013 at: