The Evening Post: A IKEA Halloween

Geek Alabama Evening Post

The YouTube channel IKEA Singapore did a special video for Halloween.  They paid  homage to Stanley Kubrick’s horror classic, The Shining.  The video features a young kid riding a tricycle through the store aisles.  Be sure to catch all the Halloween stuff passing by!  Then you see the child’s mom and dad dressed as the two girls from the classic movie.  The message of the video was to advertise staying open to 11 pm, they did a good job, enjoy!

Five Former TV Channels I Hated Seeing Being Changed


Last week, one of my favorite TV channels, and Geek Alabama media partner, Hub Network, transformed into Discovery Family.  So far after the re-brand, me and many other people are not liking the new look and programming.  And I find it weird that Discovery created new social media channels for Discovery Family, only promoting programs during the Discovery block, while the older Hub Network social media channels are promoting things during the Hasbro block.

So, with Hub Network gone, I thought about other TV networks that I once enjoyed, and are now gone forever.  And yes, I enjoyed watching some channels because it catered to what I liked, but now either the network is gone, or the programming has changed for the worse.  Here are the five former and current networks that I hated seeing change.

Tech TV


Tech TV was called ZD Net, but I loved watching every minute of that channel.  From Call To Help and The Screen Savers, Tech TV was the top channel I watched!  Then, Comcast purchased Tech TV, and everything went downhill from there!  First, the network got a name change to G4TechTV.  I got to see the garbage G4 programming, which was like they were trying, but they gave up.  The channel gradually reduced the Tech TV programming until there was nothing left.

Soon, G4TechTV was just called G4 again, they tried to bring in classic Star Trek and the Canadian version of Call For Help, but it was too little too late.  Today, G4 is a ghost channel, and all of the programming I used to watch on Tech TV is now online, and on YouTube.  The hosts from Tech TV are now doing shows online, like Leo Laporte’s This Week In Tech, that is a good website!

Hub Network


Hub Network started in October 2010 with a partnership with Hasbro and Discovery Communications.  It took some time for the channel to find a following, but soon, I liked watching this channel!  From the classic cartoons and sitcoms to the pop culture hits like My Little Pony, Hub Network has a great variety of classic and current shows, but the ratings did not get better.

Soon, the announcement was made that Hub Network would become Discovery Family, and the programming took a dramatic turn.  The daytime programming was still great, but primetime now consists of shows most people are not liking.  Yes, I enjoy shows like How It’s Made, but all of the new episodes are only found on the Science Channel.  Oh well, I enjoyed the Hub Network, and it’s not around anymore!

The Old History Channel


History Channel started in 1995, and I loved watching this channel.  The early days featured all programming about history, since I am a history buff, I loved watching The History Channel.  But soon, the logo was changed, and the programming took a dramatic and bad turn, instead of the great programming about history, we now see programming about pawn dealers, loggers, and truck drivers, basically reality TV junk.

Today, if you want to find the classic history programming you used to find on The History Channel, you mostly find it on H2.  Yes, History Channel had some good programming I loved like Modern Marvels, but they are cutting down on that as well.  I wish A&E would treat the History Channel like it should be, programming about history, not programming about entertainment.

The Old MTV


I remember the old MTV, which aired music videos 24/7!  Plus, I enjoyed the VJ’s talking about the music news.  All of this began to change in the early 1990’s, when The Real World premiered, the first in what MTV has become today, reality TV trash!  Soon, more music videos disappeared, and trash TV took its place, a sad sad thing!  And soon, VH1 joined along the trash TV bandwagon!

Today, MTV, VH1, and even CMT, is airing more reality shows than music based programming.  CMT makes an effort to air music videos and music programming, while MTV and VH1 have ended most music programming and only airs music videos in the early morning hours.  I wish we saw MTV go back to what it once was, but that won’t happen anytime soon!

Sci Fi Channel


I loved the classic Sci Fi!  One of their top shows was Mystery Science Theater 3000.  Plus, they even aired anime!  And the rest of their programming was stuff people like me enjoyed, plenty of science fiction programming!  Soon, Sci Fi was changed to Syfy, and people began to complain about the program changes!  For starters, reality shows began to pop up, and less shows about science fiction was airing.

Today, the channel features more reality shows and has edged further from strictly science fiction, fantasy, and horror programming.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy some shows on Syfy like Face Off, but some other reality shows just plain try to do something and get boring.  I wish Syfy would ax the reality stuff and move towards more science fiction programming, but I don’t see that happening!  At least they are ordering more scripted programming!

So, those are five TV channels I miss watching.  Do you have an old TV network that you miss watching, leave a comment below!

Why We Are Moving To All Contactless Payment Thanks To Apple Pay and Google Wallet


This week, Apple Pay launched, and it promises to change the way we pay for our things.  For a while now, Google Wallet has been the only way you could pay through your phone with a “contactless payment.”  But now, Apple Pay has introduced the same technology to pay for things Google Wallet has already been doing for a while now.  Yes, I do have a Google Wallet account, and I have my bank card on the account, with a PIN number set up.  Since I like my Android phones, I have to stick with Google Wallet.  It’s just the phone I have now does not have NFC, or Near Field Communications.

Here in Alabama, I suspect most people are not using the NFC tags on their phones, and are still using a credit or debit card or cash to pay for their things.  But, that will soon change, and here is why!  With the news of more businesses having their credit card information hacked, businesses and the banks are rushing to roll out smart chip credit cards, that most of the world already has.  Yes, having a smart chip credit card will make transactions much safer and secure, but I believe you will soon see mostly everything in your wallet transferred onto your phone.

Today, other than having Google Wallet and Apple Pay for pay for your things, several insurance companies now have apps where you can have your insurance information on it.  Google Wallet has a way where you can put your loyalty cards on it.  And yes, people are wanting states to make driver’s licenses a feature on your smart phone.  When you pay for things by using your smart phone, a one time code is generated, and is never used again.  This makes the hackers angry, because it makes it much, much harder to steal credit cart information.

And yes, we are moving closer to a mostly cashless society.  With Google Wallet and PayPal, you can pay for mostly anything, and send money to people as well.  Cash will soon be something small kids or people without phones will soon only be carrying, because small kids don’t need a smartphone, and some people choose to not have a phone.  But, using Apple Pay or Google Wallet is taking a long time to catch on here in Alabama, and mostly because many people here don’t like using technology like this.

Places like McDonald’s takes NFC payments, but whenever I am at McDonald’s here in Alabama, I have never seen anyone use their phone to pay for things, mostly cash or cards here.  But, I do believe we will soon see more people using Google Wallet or Apple Pay, because mostly everyone has a smartphone now!  And people are getting tired of hearing more credit card information getting hacked or stolen.  Some say moving back to cash is your safest option, but I would not carry a lot of cash on me, just in case something happens to my wallet.

Having everyone move to using their smart phones to pay for things is the smartest thing to do.  For one, it makes your information much safer, and it would be nearly impossible for hackers to steal your information.  Two, if your phone is lost or stolen, you can turn off Google Wallet and Apple Pay.  And three, more and more places now have NFC technology installed, with much more coming!  Moving towards an all smart phone paying society is what will happen with Google Wallet and Apple Pay, it’s the right thing to do!

Animation Monday: 10 Classic Cartoons That Deserves A Reboot

Geek Alabama Animation

On this Animation Monday, on a Tuesday, I am talking about classic cartoons I hope will get revived.  Last week, the news came out that the classic 1980’s cartoon, Rainbow Brite, is being made again.  The new series will include the voices of Emily Osment and Molly Ringwald, and the series will premiere online on November 6th with three new episodes each week.  Yeah, I don’t remember anything about Rainbow Brite, but I will give this online series a shot.  Here is the trailer!

With Rainbow Brite coming back, it got me thinking, there are other classic cartoons that deserves a comeback!  So on this Animation Monday, I am going to talk about 10 classic cartoons that deserves a reboot, let’s go!



Probably one of the most popular Disney animated series!  I think a rebooted Ducktales would work today with the new technology, crazy adventures, and of course all of that money!

The Legend of Zelda


This cartoon based off the Nintendo video game was a popular 1980’s cartoon.  Yes, this cartoon could have some great action and animation if it came back!

Inspector Gadget


This classic cartoon featuring a robot cop and dad was one of my favorite cartoons!  Luckily for us, Inspector Gadget is currently being rebooted!  Expect to see the new series in 2015.  Here is a picture of the CGI Inspector Gadget!


Muppet Babies


With The Muppets under the control of Disney, and the two great movies featuring The Muppets.  Disney should consider bringing back a cartoon featuring The Muppets, it would fit in nicely on Disney Junior!



I thought Beetlejuice was one of the wackiest and best classic cartoons while I was a kid.  A reboot of Beetlejuice would be a hit in today’s Walking Dead media world.  Someone needs to reboot Beetlejuice!

He-man and the Masters of the Universe


This was another popular 1980’s cartoon, that deserves a reboot.  I can easily compare this cartoon to The Thundercats.  While the cats got a reboot, He-man is still sitting on the sidelines, that needs to change!

The Real Ghostbusters


I liked watching The Real Ghostbusters while I was a kid.  With the numerous Ghostbusters fan clubs, you would think the Ghostbusters cartoon would be rebooted by now, but hey, we are getting a movie!

The Snorks


I loved watching this cartoon on Cartoon Network.  I compare The Snorks to The Smurfs.  While The Smurfs got a couple of movies, The Snorks are still sitting in the water, that needs to change!



The Underdog classic cartoon series was also popular.  Sure, it got a live-action movie, but it was nothing like the classic cartoon.  An Underdog cartoon reboot would do great today!

Rescue Rangers


This other classic Disney series that was popular deserves a reboot!  The action would be enough to bring back this series!

So, do you have a classic cartoon that should be rebooted?  Leave a comment below, maybe someone will read that comment and another classic cartoon can comeback!

Kickstarter Tuesdays: Celtic Christmas Music Greeting Cards / Vanish Spa

Geek Alabama Kickstarter Projects

This week on Kickstarter Tuesdays, I am talking about two Alabama based projects that needs your support, let’s go!

Celtic Christmas Music Greeting Cards


Hundreds of Christmas cards are sold and mailed each year. But few touch home for him as a Celtic and Scots-Irish descendant.  Marc Gunn wants a Celtic Christmas Greeting Card that you and him both will be more than happy to send to your family and friends.

This Celtic Christmas card contains a musical twist. Each card will also feature his Celtic Christmas CD, Celtic Christmas Greetings.  To make it possible, he decided to drop the price super low so that he could sell Greeting Card/CDs in bulk. The more Celtic Christmas Greeting Cards you buy, the cheaper it gets.  Best of all, when you send your Celtic Christmas greetings, you’ll also be able to share some original as well as some traditional Celtic Christmas music with the people you love.

Just imagine your best friend opening their mailbox to find a “greeting card”. On one side they see their address surrounded by Celtic knotwork. On the other front, they see a beautiful Celtic design that proudly states–“Celtic Christmas Greetings”. They open up the card and read your warm message of Christmas friendship and love.  Then they open the pocket to reveal a beautiful CD. They smile with delight as they stick it into their computer and listen to fun, upbeat Celtic Christmas music that reminds you of Bing Crosby, Irish Rovers, and Celtic Thunder.

The goal here is first and foremost to create a gorgeous Celtic Christmas Greeting Card. But the music will bring peace, joy and happiness throughout the Christmas season. He wants a new Celtic Christmas card this year. But he thought he would do something different. Since he also recorded a few new Celtic Christmas songs, why not combine those two?  The album will consist of the four songs he recorded last year for my EP Celtic Christmas Songs:

  • The Scottish King of Christmas
  • Celtic Christmas Elf
  • Christmas in Scotland
  • Silent Night

It will also feature several new songs that he recorded this year, including:

  • Christmas in Killarney
  • God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,
  • Frosty the Irish Snowman
  • Christmas in the Shire
  • Jingle Bells

The album largely features music by Marc Gunn. He is an award-winning rhythm and folk musician inspired by Celtic culture, science fiction, fantasy, and cats.  This album features a few solo performances with just him and his autoharp. But he has also enlisted the aid of Samantha Gillogly, a Celtic fiddler and Berklee graduate to give the album greater depth and to add a more Celtic sound with some jigs and reels mixed into the songs.

As of October 21st, this Kickstarter project has raised around $1,300 of the $2,805 goal they need to be funded. And as you know in Kickstarter, a project is not funded until the fundraising goal is reached!  This project only has 14 days left to raise the $2,805 or it will not be funded!  For a pledge of $15, you will get high-quality MP3s of “Celtic Christmas Greetings” along with high-resolution, digital copy of the graphics.  For a pledge of $25, you will get a physical copy of the CD/Greeting Card “Celtic Christmas Greetings” by Marc Gunn. You’ll also get a “Keep the Celtic in Christmas” bumper sticker, plus, you’ll receive a digital copy of the album and high-resolution graphics as soon as they are available.  To learn more about Celtic Christmas Music Greeting Cards, and to pledge money, go to:

Vanish Spa


Traditional hot tubs are nice – but they’re also heavy, expensive, and time-consuming to maintain. With the Vanish Spa, you get all of the amenities of a traditional hot tub without any of the hassle. The Vanish Spa is light-weight, portable, and easy to assemble, you can set it up quickly wherever you want to relax- whether that is in your backyard, back deck, in the woods, or even inside the comfort of your own home!

When you step into a Vanish Spa, all your worries will disappear! We live in a fast-paced world, so it’s important to be able to easily free your mind and spend quality time with the people you love- with the Vanish Spa, you’ll be able to relax within minutes of assembling the hot tub.  With Vanish Spa, you can take the luxury of a personal spa with you wherever you go. It fits easily into the trunk of an average-sized car, making it possible to bring Vanish Spa along to any event including road trips, camping trips, and sporting events!

Setting up Vanish Spa is an easy, three step process:

  1. Find your ideal location to relax.
  2. Inflate the hot tub using the built in inflation system.
  3. Connect the hot tub to the pump included with your Vanish Spa.

Within ten minutes, your Vanish Spa will be ready for water and you’ll be ready to relax!  The Vanish Spa has the ability to quickly heat up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, making it easy for you to release the stress of everyday life.  The Vanish Spa features 88 jets, allowing you to improve blood circulation and reduce muscle soreness while relaxing in the hot tub after a long, stressful day.  The Vanish Spa has a built-in cushioned, thermal floor that provides you with maximum comfort in any environment while also making it easy to maintain the ideal water temperature inside the hot tub.

The Vanish Spa journey began a few years ago when Josh Capps realized his son’s new inflatable above ground swimming pool he had just purchased him was now an unattractive eye sore in his backyard.  His frustration was eventually channeled into creating the world’s first camouflage pool that day which then led to the Vanish Spa, the most versatile hot tub ever created.


As of October 21st, this Kickstarter project has raised around $35,000 of the $50,000 goal they need to be funded. And as you know in Kickstarter, a project is not funded until the fundraising goal is reached! This project only has 26 days left to raise the $50,000 or it will not be funded! For a pledge of $10, you will get a stylish sticker and your name tatted on the “naked spa” with the rest of their Kickstarter backers!  For a pledge of $499, you will get your very own 4-Person VANISH SPA complete package and save at least $300 off the future retail price.  To learn more about Vanish Spa, and to pledge money, go to: