Watch Will It Blend Take Out Jar Jar Binks


Remember Jar Jar Binks?  He is one of the most hated characters in the Star Wars universe.  And if you hate him and want to see him gone, you are in luck!  Because the  Blendtec YouTube channel series Will It Blend does all of you a favor, enjoy!

Crowdsourcing Mornings: Sippo Smart Cup / Water Bottle

Geek Alabama Crowdsourcing Mornings

This is Crowdsourcing Mornings! This post takes place every weekday morning and highlights one crowdsourcing project I liked from Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or other crowdsourcing websites.

Sippo is a Bluetooth Smart Cup made of premium stainless steel, is a smart cup that can be controlled through your mobile device!  Sippo is a premium, stylish insulated flask that is perfect for hot and cold beverages. Sippo features a customizable app that tracks hydration that is tied to your daily routine, fitness goals and even climate conditions. The app also contains a smart alarm which reminds you to drink up and avoid dehydration!

Here are some features:

  • Stylish insulated flask perfect for hot and cold beverages offering maximum versatility
  • Customizable app tracks hydration that can be tied to fitness goals, daily routine and even climate conditions
  • Features a smart alarm which allows you to set reminder periods at specific points of the day and prevent dehydration
  • Contains a patent pending Bluetooth smart pad designed for easy separation prior to dishwashing or cleaning
  • Share your drinking achievements using the Sippo app with friends and family
  • Features the ability to link with Google Fit and Apple HealthKit so users can integrate drink log data to wearables like FitBit
  • Measures at 8 inches tall, 3 inches diameter and holds 14 oz of liquid


As of November 25th, this project has raised around $12,000 of their $25,000 goal. This project only has 29 days left to raise the $25,000 or it might not be funded! For a pledge of $49, you will get one Sippo bottle.  For a pledge of $85, you will get two Sippo bottles.  To learn more and to pledge money, go to:

The Evening Post: Change Your Story, Change Your Life

Geek Alabama Evening Post

Tonight, how about I bring you another This Is Your Life podcast from Michael Hyatt.  In this episode, Michael and his co-host, Michele Cushatt, discuss how you can change your life by changing your story.  As as you know, there are plenty of us who would wish to re-write their own stories of life, enjoy!

Come And Enjoy The Glencoe First Baptist Church Christmas Light Show 2015


In the East Alabama region, one church has transformed their outside into one of the biggest Christmas light shows in the region!  And for 2015, Glencoe First Baptist Church is back for another year of an awesome light show!  And the Christmas light show is entirely free!  Here is their show from 2014 from the YouTube channel Sloss Gaming.

The FBC Glencoe’s 6th Annual Christmas Light Show will kick off Sunday November 29, 2015.  To kick off the light show, the church will hold the Snowflake Festival from 4:30 to 5:45 pm on Sunday November 29th. The festival will have free food, games, a photo booth, and much more. Then, the light show kicks off at 6 pm.  And the best part is the light show is free, just drive up, tune your radio to 90.5 FM, also listed on the signs, and enjoy!

The lights will run from November 29 – December 31st from 5:00 – 10:00 pm Sunday – Thursday and 5:00 – Midnight on Friday and Saturday Nights.  On December 5,6,12,13,19,20 they will have a free drive-thru hot chocolate stand from 6:15 – 8:15 pm.  Simply drive under their awning and they will hand everyone in your car a free cup of hot chocolate.  Hot chocolate and viewing a great light show, that should be awesome!

Every year they strive to make the show better and over the past six years, it has increased in technical complexity. They started out with incandescent minilights, like you would find on any old Christmas tree.  However, four years ago they bought their first smart set of LED lights and have began to convert the show over to smart LEDs also known as pixels.

The “smart” LEDs allow them to control each individual bulb and change it to any color or brightness. In fact this year they will have over 20,000 of the smart pixels as well as hundreds of thousands of traditional Christmas lights.  It takes a team of approximately 20 people, starting in October to construct the display, however planning began in August.  They put in all of their time and resources because they love to see everyone come out and enjoy the lights.  They hope it serves as a reminder to them of the true meaning of Christmas.

You can find the First Baptist Church of Glencoe on US 431 in Glencoe at the traffic light intersection of College St.  Learn more about the FBC of Glencoe Christmas Light Show at:

Kickstarter Tuesdays: GutenTag / TinyGlo

Geek Alabama Kickstarter Projects

This week on Kickstarter Tuesdays, let’s talk about two projects from Georgia and Tennessee that you need to support!



No more complex agendas, journals, apps… GutenTag is an elegant offline solution for planning your day. Stamp it, draw it, do it. Perfect for those of us who are visual learners, creatives, and the rest of the world that is overwhelmed.  No more linear lists and starting the day feeling overwhelmed. Stamp the day, and draw in your meetings and to-do’s. Use pencil, pen, crayons – it’s up to you! Don’t worry about coloring outside the lines – there aren’t any! Be creative. Be productive. Be yourself.  Made by craftsmen in Maine from dense rock maple, the GutenTag stamp is beautiful on any desk. The clock face is actually printed directly onto the wood with paint. With use, the stamp takes on a character and patina of its own. You’ll enjoy yours for years to come.

Here are some features about the design!

  • 6:00pm – 6:00am is compressed since most people don’t plan as much during these hours. This design allows more room to draw in meetings and to-do’s during working hours. Don’t worry, you still have some room during these hours if you need it.
  • Date can be written on the center line.
  • Clean, minimal, design looks sharp on any paper.
  • Stamp face is 1.75 inches in diameter (approx. 44.5mm)
  • Wooden stamp handle is 2 inches wide and 1 inch tall (approx. 50.8mm wide and 25.4mm tall) and made in the USA from dense rock maple.


As of November 24th, this Kickstarter project has raised around $3,500 of the $2,750 goal they need to be funded. And as you know in Kickstarter, a project is not funded until the fundraising goal is reached! This project only has 22 days left to raise as much as it can! For a pledge of $30, you will get one GutenTag stamp.  For a pledge of $50, you will get two GutenTag stamps.  To learn more and to pledge money, go to:



TinyGlo+ is a custom lighting solution for use in numerous projects. Let your mind go wild with three programmable full color LEDs that are very powerful. Using an optional battery, make it portable or wearable. Add on a microphone to make dancing lights or be the star of the rave with a custom bright LED solution. Your imagination is the only limit. With a low cost, leave TinyGlo+ in your project or combine many of them for a dramatic custom lighting feature. Since TinyGlo+ is Arduino compatible, programming it for your application couldn’t be easier.

TinyGlo+ builds upon the success of the original TinyGlo project, which put on a firefly like light show. With this new generation, many new features have been added including a larger microprocessor, more lights, full color, expandable battery capability, many expansion pins for external applications and the ability to reprogram it easily. All of the original features are also retained including the ambient light sensing capability.  TinyGlo+ is a great platform for learning with integrated features that allow the beginner to realize results quickly for multiple applications and comes with several examples. You can also expand the capabilities by adding on external components with the standard SPI, I2C, analog, digital and serial interfaces.

Here are some features:

  • Arduino compatible
  • 3 individually addressable RGB LEDs
  • Multiple power options: LiPo battery (optional), USB or external
  • Lithium polymer battery charging capability
  • Phototransistor allows ambient light levels to be detected
  • User programmable push button
  • switch On-Off slide switch
  • N-Channel MOSFET for driving external applications
  • 16 Mhz precision crystal for reliable USB operation
  • VUSB for programming via USB interface
  • Numerous expansion pins for adding on external accessories
  • Dimensions: 27mm x 37mm (about 1 x 1.5 inches)
  • Breadboard friendly spacing between pins
  • Optimized for low power consumption for battery applications


As of November 24th, this Kickstarter project has raised around $2,500 of the $5,000 goal they need to be funded. And as you know in Kickstarter, a project is not funded until the fundraising goal is reached! This project only has 39 days left to raise the $5,000 or it will not be funded! For a pledge of $9, you will get one TinyGlo board.  For a pledge of $42, you will get five TinyGlo boards.  To learn more and to pledge money, go to: