The Evening Post: The Nether Regions

Geek Alabama Evening Post

I was contacted to watch this film, and it was very good!  In this short animated film called The Nether Regions, you travel to Hell and see the Devil deal with some business.  And just like what we see up here on Earth, the Devil has to deal with some bureaucracy as well.  The film is under three minutes long and is animated in stop-motion, enjoy this film from the folks at WONKY Films!

Good News Fridays: Friends Reunion On Jimmy Kimmel

Geek Alabama Good News Fridays

This week, Jimmy Kimmel got to do a small Friends reunion with Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow.  So the show built a re-created set of the kitchen from Friends and Jimmy Kimmel provided fan scripts.  To send onto your Labor Day weekend, enjoy this video that has over seven million views now!

View The Geek Alabama College Football Predictions 2014 Infographic


The college football season is here!  And in this infographic, I make my predictions for the 2014 college football season.  The infographic called Geek Alabama College Football Predictions 2014 shows the schedule for Alabama and Auburn football.  Plus I make my predictions for the 2014 Iron Bowl, 2014 SEC Championship Game, and the College Football Playoffs with a national champion!  So, do you agree with my picks, or disagree?

The Problem With Stray Dogs In Anniston Alabama


I want to bring attention to you a problem in Anniston and the Golden Springs neighborhood.  You see, there are stray dogs roaming around in the area.  In the area where I live, I have seen around 10 dogs roaming around the area.  Most of the dogs are adult dogs, but I have seen a few younger dogs and puppies as well.  Here is a video from me recording two of these dogs.

So the question is this, why is the city of Anniston or Calhoun County not doing the right thing and sending animal control to try and pick up these dogs?  These dogs are staying in nearby abandoned buildings or in the nearby woods.  And every night, some of these dogs stay in the field next to the apartment complex and bark whenever someone comes out from their apartment.

At least some people actually cares about these dogs.  The owner of Sneaky Pete’s across the street from the apartment complex feeds these dogs with some dog food.  You can see the bowls of dog food in the field in front of the business.  And some people in the apartment complex or the businesses have left water and food for the dogs as well.  I am glad to see caring people like me trying to keep these dogs watered and fed in the hot Summer heat.

But these dogs are also roaming around and crossing Greenbrier Dear Road often, sometimes in front of the busy traffic.  I am surprised a dog has not been hit and killed yet.  Seeing these dogs roaming around and surviving is something you should NEVER see, especially in a big city like Anniston.  I know the city or the county does have animal control, which every city as big as Anniston should have, the question is this?  When is animal control coming out to capture these dogs and take them to the shelter where they will be safe?

Or is the city of Anniston and Calhoun County too poor to have animal control?  Yes, some people in Alabama actually do not care about their pets or animals, and I caught this at a Wal-Mart parking lot where a dog was tied up to a cart corral and standing on the hot sidewalk in 90 degree heat, shameful!

Since I do not expect to see animal control coming out to get these dogs anytime soon, I had to apologize to this poor dog, who will have to continue to defend for himself since the city of Anniston is too poor.  And yes, the city is about to conduct some major budget cuts and layoffs, wonderful!

View The Ice Bucket Challenge Videos From Bo Jackson, Charles Barkley, Pat Dye, Jimmy Rane


To get everyone pumped up for the football season, by the way War Eagle!  I am posting three more Ice Bucket Challenge videos from some famous Auburn football players.  The first video is from Bo Jackson, who does the Ice Bucket Challenge in style!  The second video is from Charles Barkley who does the Ice Bucket Challenge with marshmallows.  The third video is from Pat Dye and Jimmy Rane, who does the Ice Bucket Challenge on campus, enjoy!

And as a reminder, I will do the Ice Bucket Challenge, when someone hires me.  So far, up to 1,207 job rejections and counting.