The Evening Post: View This 1995 Facebook Commercial Parody

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Remember 1995, when the internet was just getting going?  This was the time that America Online was in many homes.  So, the YouTube channel BrentWeinbach took this classic AOL ad back in 1995.

And parodied it to what Facebook could have been like way back in 1995.  Let’s just say, the YouTube channel did a great job parodying this ad!  With The Facebook on dial-up, you can send birthday messages, ship photos to The Facebook to be put online, look up co-workers, and call a toll-free online to have photos of hot women shipped to your home.  Yep, great job and enjoy the parody ad!

Check Out 10 Forbidden Places You Are Not Allowed To Visit


How about something quick?  The YouTube channel Matthew Santoro did a 10 minute long video showing you 10 places on Planet Earth that you are not allowed to visit!  Yes, Area 51 is on the list!  But, there are some surprising things you will learn in this video, enjoy!

The State Of Alabama Will Soon Offer Special ID Cards For Autistic Drivers


I am glad to see the state of Alabama doing something good here.  The legislature passed a law last year that will require the state health department to give out special ID cards to Alabama drivers on the Autism Spectrum.  The ID cards will be ready in March, and it will cost $10.  The reason why the state will be offering cards is simple.  People like me on the Autism Spectrum sometimes have a hard time communicating with the police, like during a traffic stop.  The cards will explain to the police that the driver has an autism disorder and may have difficulty communicating or understanding directions. The cards also explain that the driver may become agitated if touched.

So, I think this is a great idea!  Since I have had encounters with the police just for walking on the side of the road.  But, when put out an article talking about the ID cards, some commenters did not like this idea.  One person said they ought not have a driver’s license.  Really?  I mean people with Asperger’s or Autism have places to go?  Another commenter said If they can’t understand directions do they get a free pass to run stop signs?  I mean, people with Autism and Asperger’s are good drivers!  They might be better drivers than other drivers!

So, here are some other comments that either I found amusing or weird.

This assumes that the officer will give the autistic driver the opportunity to show the additional ID, and it further assumes that the officer will read the additional ID. I’d bet that within the next year we see a report of an autistic driver pulled from his car and beaten because he wasn’t behaving in the way the officer wanted him to, after the driver offered the additional ID.

Retrain police so that they understand that getting MORE assertive if the driver does not instantly respond in the manner the officer expects is NOT the best response for all stops. Right now a lot of officers only seem to have one tool in their toolbox.

People who have autism spectrum disorders don’t connect with other people the same way you or I do. If doing what the officer is suggesting does not make sense to an autistic driver in the context in which he currently finds himself, he is likely to ask the officer why he should do what the officer is telling him to. He isn’t being rude, or resistant, or hostile, he is asking for a logical reason to do something that makes no sense to him. Unfortunately, many officers will interpret this as noncompliance rather than as an honest request for information, and escalate the situation.

I speak from experience: a friend of mine has a profoundly autistic son who lives in Nashville and whom I have known for twenty-odd years. This young man, who is 27 or 28 now, has a job and a driver’s license, and generally gets along reasonably well. But I do worry about him getting pulled over by the police, even though he is generally pretty careful about obeying speed limits and traffic laws.

Those with autism must pass the same driving test as anyone else. These people are MORE likely to follow the letter of the law, not less likely.

What about those of us with dontlikerudesmartasscop-ism. Can we get a card?

Don’t you see how it works? Just show up to apply for a card, act like you are really uncomfortable being there , exhibit a blank stare, mumble a lot, sway back in forth in your chair and you should pass.

Making jokes about people with a disorder like autism is low and vile. The sort of thing white trash does. Glad you made it clear what kind of person you are. Now we know.

So, I am happy to see Alabama helping out those with Autism or Asperger’s.  Even if some people don’t agree with it!  If you want to read the article, go to:

Back The Invader Zim House and Voot Lego Cuusoo Project


Remember Invader Zim on Nickelodeon?  Do you remember that cartoon, because it was not on the channel for very long.  But, for the time that it was on, it gained quite a few fans, especially those on the autism spectrum.  So, if you want to remember Invader Zim in Lego form, then you need to check out this Invader Zim House and Voot Lego Cuusoo project.

So how does Lego Cuusoo or Lego Ideas work?  The supporters have submitted the project on the Lego website.  And you only have a certain amount of time to get 10,000 supporters, or the project starts all over again.  In the case of the Invader Zim project, they must get 10,000 supporters by April 30th.  Once the project gets to 10,000 supporters, the folks at Lego will look and review the project.  And if they like it, and can make it, the project will be made and will go onto store shelves!

So, what will the Invader Zim Lego set include?  This set will include the following minifigures:


1 Zim minifigure with 2 heads (alien form head and human disguise head) and backpack (life support unit?). The legs that will be used are the mini legs, not the bendable hip joint ones since Zim is supposed to be the size of a child.

2 Gir micro minifigures (one in robot form and the other in dog disguise) and a big plate of waffles. “These ones got peanuts and soap in em!” – Accessory is inspired from the episode “Zim eats waffles”. Using micro minifigures for Gir will make him the perfect size compared to Zim.

1 Dib minifigure with binoculars and notepad. “”Time for some serious notes!” – Accessories inspired from the episode “Dib’s wonderful life of doom”. The legs that will be used are the mini legs, not the bendable hip joint ones since Dib is supposed to be the size of a child.


Voot Cruiser with enough space inside for Zim and Gir to stand. The engines are also rotatable and there is a printed Irken symbol on the back of the ship. The cockpit also has a computer console for manual control of the Voot.


Zim’s house with opening roof to store Voot. The house also has opening sides for playability inside. They did a version with power absorbing pipes on the sides, but due to ease of playability with the opening sides, part count and aesthetics, they changed the design to include power absorbing pipe stickers (or printed pieces).  Voot roof storage compartment includes pipes, computer screens and a landing pad. There is also a clear docking station so the Voot appears to be floating and locks in place so you can play inside the house without it moving around.

They have been huge fans of the “Invader Zim” cartoon since it premiered in 2001 and this show is the inspiration for his username, buggyirk. Nickelodeon only produced 1.5 seasons worth of episodes, but it continues to have a loyal fan base that is thirsty for more. This Cuusoo project is a collaboration between his wife and himself.  Her username is jiminyc. She designed the minifigures. She also drew the characters, accessories, printed pieces, and stickers. He designed the Voot cruiser and built it with real pieces to test the sturdiness and playability, but he had to design the house in LEGO Digital Designer due to the lack of pieces in his collection.  He rebuilt these both in the software LeoCAD so he could do custom coloring in MLCad.  He had never used LeoCAD or MLCad before, so this took some time.


This set is about 930 pieces. This means that in its current state, it would be the biggest Cuusoo set LEGO has ever produced. However, if this is approved after the review phase, LEGO will build the final model and they may decide to reduce the part count or eliminate elements.  So, if you want to see the LEGO Invader Zim set made and produced, go and support them at:

Music Thursdays: Tim Turner / Faded Paper Figures

Geek Alabama Music Thursdays

This week on Music Thursdays, I am talking about two more great musicians you need to know!  These two musicians followed me along on my @geekalabama Twitter account, so I checked them out!

Tim Turner


This musician is based out of Los Angeles.  And he has a really good voice, with some good soul and guitar music mixed in.  For example, here is one of his original songs called “Killer.”  You can tell he can really play the guitar good!

Tim Turner also has some other good original songs on his ReverbNation account.  I also liked his song called “Flame.”  Since I can not embed songs from ReverbNation, to listen to more of his songs, go to:

Tim also posts videos on YouTube.  For example, here he is singing “True Colors.”

And here is his acoustic version of the Justin Timberlake song “Cry Me A River.”

So far, I like the music from Tim Turner, and you should too!  I hope he can grow to become a major music talent!  Learn more about Tim Turner at: and on Twitter @TimTurnerMusic

Faded Paper Figures


This band consists of Heather Alden who is in residency after graduating from medical school, R. John Williams who is a full-time professor of English at Yale, and Kael Alden who writes music for a production company in Los Angeles called Robot Repair.  The band formed in 2007 by starting to write music.  They wrote a few songs and put them on the internet, and the response was great!  Their first album called Dynamo was put out in 2008, and had great exposure!  The band has put out two more albums called New Medium and The Matter.  And here is the crazy part, the three band members live thousands of miles apart!

Thanks to the internet, the three can work on their music at anytime.  And the band is doing so well, their music has been played on shows like Grey’s Anatomy and The Real World.  Here is one of their latest music videos called “Breathing.”  Not only the music video has good music, the visuals in the video are spectacular!

Now, the band has released their fourth album called Relics.   This most recent album promises to be their most honest, sophisticated, and ambitious, spanning a vast musical and lyrical spectrum, from epic synth-pop anthems on questions of life and death, to quiet, intense meditations on the passage of time.  And I liked how the band is releasing their album on old school vinyl records!

For those of you who are broke (like me), the band uploaded all 12 tracks to the Relics album.  Enjoy 49 minutes worth of great music below!

Okay let’s feature two more songs!  The first song called “Small Talk” has some great geeky sounds to it!  The second song called “North by North” also has some good sounds, enjoy!

Learn more about Faded Paper Figures at:  Follow them on Facebook at: and on Twitter @fpfmusic.