The Evening Post: 7-19

All this week on The Evening Post I am posting things from San Diego Comic-Con that I am excited about!  And tonight I hope you are getting ready for The Dark Knight Rises that opens at midnight tonight.  Over the weekend there were several batmobiles throughout the Comic-Con area that looked very cool!

From Warner Bros.

And check out some of the trailers from this awesome movie!

And check out this video of cast and crew interviews with some behind the scenes footage  of The Dark Knight Rises.

I will have a review of The Dark Knight Rises here on Geek Alabama very soon!


Costumes at Alabama Phoenix Festival

It felt so good to sleep in on this Memorial day.  I have many more posts to go from the Alabama Phoenix Festival.  I have to say the people who wore costumes at the Alabama Phoenix Festival did a really good job with their costumes!  The details and creativity was awesome!  Enjoy the best people in costumes from the entire event!  If you want to see all of the creative costumes from the costume show at the Alabama Phoenix Festival.  Scroll to the bottom of the post and click the link!

Costume Show at Alabama Phoenix Festival

On Saturday night many people attended a great costume show showing off some of the best costumes in the festival.  Some of the creativity and details in these costumes are great and these people put in a lot of work!  Enjoy the photos below!

Judges Choice winner.

3rd place winner.

2nd place winner.

1st place winner.

Plus the people who did the dancing with light sticks were awesome as well!