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The Top 3 Secrets the US Government Is Hiding From Civilians

Most governments are not as transparent with issues as you may assume they are, and on top of that list is the US Government. In some cases, they go the extra mile […]

Explore The US Government Program That Pays For Your Flights

Did you know that the USA Government actually pays the airlines some money for some flights across the USA?  The program is called the essential air service.  It’s a U.S. government program […]

The Evening Post: What If 2 Million People Actually Storm Area 51

Why are so many fascinated with Area 51?  Let’s be real, there are no aliens being hidden there and the US Government is not doing some wacky experiments or keeping weird secrets […]

Good News Fridays: Morgan Freeman Helium Video / Why The World Is Running Out OF Helium

Morgan Freeman recently did a promo video for his show Through The Wormhole on the Science Channel.  The most amazing thing about this video, he sucked in some helium and his voice […]

It’s Time The Government Allows Journalists/Photographers To Use Drones

With the last severe weather outbreak last week, drones have become a machine used by people to document the severe weather damage, often a short time after the severe storm has passed. […]

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