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Animation Monday: How Incredibles 2 Should Have Ended

Don’t watch this video if you have not seen The Incredibles 2 yet.  The folks from How It Should Have Ended have made their version on how The Incredibles 2 should have ended.  […]

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Watch The Original Incredibles Movie Become Songified

The Incredibles 2 did super at the box office!  And to celebrate the new movie, The Gregory Brothers took footage from the original The Incredibles and songified it.  It’s their latest video in […]

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Here Are The Top Ten 2018 Summer Movies That I Want To See

The 2018 Summer movie season is already here!  Yep, it’s starting in April this year.  There are a lot of great movies coming out this Summer.  And on this post, I am […]

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Watch A New Incredibles 2 Trailer And Get Hyped

This Summer, a lot of people will likely be going to see The Incredibles 2.  I mean, it has been a very long time since The Incredibles hyped up a lot of people!  […]

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How The Incredibles Should Have Ended If Incredi-Boy Was Not Ignored

If you have watched The Incredibles, you know the villain is a real jerk.  But, what if Mr. Incredible mentored Buddy Pine / Incredi-Boy / Syndrome instead of kicking him aside?  The YouTube […]

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The Incredibles 2 Will Be Made / Smarter Every Day Patreon Contest

On this post, I am going to fill all of your heads with a bunch of geeky and nerdy information.  And this news has a lot of us in the geek/nerd world […]

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