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The Backyard Scientist Show You How To Make A DIY Mega Microwave

What happens when you take the magnetrons from several microwaves, hook them up together, and attach them on top of a giant microwave?  The YouTube channel The Backyard Scientist did exactly that.  Watch below […]

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The Backyard Scientist Builds A Mega Human Sized Glue Trap

Yep, this was weird.  The YouTube channel The Backyard Scientist decided to have some fun.  They got 4 gallons of bulk glue for mouse traps because they were curious if a person could […]

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See How A Nerf Gun Was Turned Into A Supersonic Cannon

I love geeks and science!  The YouTube channel TheBackyardScientist turned a Nerf gun into an impressive cannon!  And of course, they got a slow motion camera to show you the Nerf dart plowing […]

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See How To Make Fireballs And Breathe Fire With Cornstarch

Have cornstarch laying around?  Let the YouTube channel TheBackyardScientist show you how to use cornstarch for a cool experiment!  They team up with the YouTube channel The Proper People to show you how to make fireballs […]

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The Backyard Scientist Shows You How To Pour Molten Aluminum Into A Pumpkin

Halloween is over, and you need to do something to those pumpkins you carved, let The Backyard Scientist show you how to pour molten aluminum into a pumpkin!  It’s the geek way […]

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