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Animation Monday: Supreme Court Political Cartoons 2015

On this Animation Monday on a Tuesday, I wanted to feature some political cartoons from the 2015 Supreme Court rulings.  As you know, gay marriage was legalized in all 50 states.  The […]

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You Need To Watch This Kids React To The Supreme Court Gay Marriage Ruling

When major life changing stories comes out, the YouTube channel Fine Brothers Entertainment always makes sure to have their people react to it.  And because the gay marriage Supreme Court ruling is a major […]

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An Open Letter To Judge Roy Moore

To Judge Roy Moore, do you hear that?  I mean, do you hear the celebrations, love, and cheers from same-sex couples finally being allowed to marry each other in Alabama?  These couples […]

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Watch The PBS Newshour Report About The Alabama Redistricting Supreme Court Case

Lots of geeks and nerds like to follow what happens in the US Supreme Court.  And on Wednesday, Alabama was featured inside the court again.  The case is about district redistricting in […]

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Animation Monday: Supreme Court Political Cartoons 2014

I could not post this on Monday, since the Supreme Court handed down two more rulings, and the cartoonists needed some time to draw up their cartoons!  On this Animation Monday, on […]

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Sunday Discussion: My Thoughts Of The Aereo Ruling / Why Broadcasters Must Change Their Ways

This week, the biggest Supreme Court case I was watching was the Aereo case.  And sadly, Aereo lost, and yesterday they have suspended services and will most likely shut down entirely, unless […]

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