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Video Roundup: Super Bowl 53 Movie Trailers

Super Bowl 53 also had a couple movie trailers!  Most of them were from Disney, and the other from Universal.  Let’s talk about them! Avengers: Endgame OMG!  It seems like the world […]

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Video Roundup: My Top 2019 Super Bowl Ads

Super Bowl 53 was a snooze fest.  The game was not that great, the halftime show was meh, and many of the commercials were just okay.  But, there were a few ads […]

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Animation Monday: SpongeBob’s Super Bowl Less Sweet Victory

Creator of SpongeBob SquarePants, Stephen Hillenburg, made a song for an episode that was performed in the made up Bubble Bowl.  The song, called “Sweet Victory”, was a big hit among the fans.  […]

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Check Out These Super Bowl Stadium Trick Shots From Dude Perfect

Super Bowl 53 is this Sunday In Atlanta, Georgia.  The game takes place in the Mercedes-Benz Stadium, and the NFL wanted people to get hyped by bringing in the people from Dude […]

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