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The Evening Post: December To Remember Car Commercial – SNL

Yep, when I watch those car commercials, I always think about the average American who can’t afford those cars in those ads.  Thank you Saturday Night Live for putting reality in our […]

Animation Monday: Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Turtles

We all know about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but as with all teenagers, they eventually get older and enter middle age.  Cue the Middle-Aged Mutant Ninja Turtles!  The folks from Saturday […]

The Evening Post: The Sands Of Modesto – SNL

So is the whole Coronavirus situation going into overdrive?  Where even simple things like kissing, touching a doorknob, or even slapping someone is off limits?  In this funny Saturday Night Live sketch […]

The Evening Post: SNL’s Grouch Sesame Street Parody

I love this!  Saturday Night Live made a parody trailer depicting what would happen if we saw the backstory of Oscar the Grouch.  This trailer was a parody based off the Joker […]

See Why You Should Never Order Lobster From A Diner

Watching Saturday Night Live from last weekend, this was a very funny and interesting sketch.  In the video below, someone wants to celebrate by ordering a lobster from some Greek diner, but […]

Music Thursdays: SNL’s A Thanksgiving Miracle

So Thanksgiving was yesterday, and how many families and friends did this at the dinner table, talk about controversial things and get everyone angry?  Saturday Night Live did a sketch like this, […]

Watch These Saturday Night Live Videos Featuring Rock Obama And An Adult Bambi Remake

Well, there are two great videos from last weekend’s Saturday Night Live you need to watch!  The first video features President Obama getting very angry, and turning into the Rock Obama.  Yes, […]

Watch The Alabama Shakes Perform On Saturday Night Live

The Alabama Shakes are back with a new album!  Their second album called Sound & Color is coming out on April 21st.  And to get ready for the album release, the band […]

Dr. Evil Came Back To Saturday Night Live, And It Was Hilarious

Last night during Saturday Night Live, their cold open featured a depressed Sam Smith singing and being alone during the Christmas holidays, but you did not have to hear his music for […]

Watch Saturday Night Live Turn I’m Just A Bill Into Madness

As you know, President Obama issued an executive order last week to give some illegal immigrants rights to stay in this country.  But, the folks from Saturday Night Live did something brilliant! […]

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