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See How Cool Lightning Strikes Are In Slow Motion

The Slow-Mo guys traveled to Singapore, and their mission was to film lightning strikes in slow motion.  Gav and Dan are up for a challenge and fly all the way to Singapore […]

Watch Smarter Every Day Record A Bird Taking Off In Slow Motion

Birds are amazing creatures and their wings allow them to fly anywhere they want.  In this latest episode from Smarter Every Day, Destin Sandlin caught a bird with his hands.  And he […]

See How A TV Works In Slow Motion

We all have one, and we all watch our favorite shows on our television set.  But, do you know how the picture is presented on the TV screen?  The YouTube channel The Slow […]

Smarter Every Day Shows You How Sounds Are Recorded For Slow Motion Videos

You see slow motion videos on YouTube, but recording slow motion videos means there is no sound.  So, how is sound produced for a slow motion video?  The YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay and Destin […]

See What Happens When You Overfill An Basketball

So, what happens when you put too much air inside an basketball?  The YouTube channel CrazyRussianHacker explores that by hooking an basketball up to an air compressor, and recording what happens with a slow-motion […]

Watch The Slow Mo Guys Build An Fire Tornado

If you love tornadoes and fire, this video is for you!  The YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys got 12 box fans and built a fire in the middle.  After all the fans are […]

See Random Objects Being Shot With A Gun In Slow Motion

The YouTube channel Vickers Tactical has put out a cool video showing everyday objects like an apple, water balloon, light bulbs, burgers, and more being shot with a gun and exploding in slow motion. […]

See A Six Foot Man Inside A Six Foot Water Balloon Pop In Slow Motion

The YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys did a super Summer activity!  Daniel Gruchy climbed inside a giant six-foot water balloon as it gets filled with water. His partner Gavin Free looks on with […]

Watch The Slow Mo Guys Create Some Interesting Water Spinning Physics

The YouTube channel The Slow Mo Guys have done a video where they show you some interesting water spinning physics.  The dyed water is filled into a condom, and the guys use a spinning […]

Smarter Every Day Showcases The World’s Most Amazing Archer In Slow Motion

The YouTube channel SmarterEveryDay put out a video showcasing one amazing archer in slow motion!  Byron Ferguson travels the world doing live exhibition.  So Destin Sandlin did a video with Byron, and you see […]

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