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Foodie Saturdays: The Untold Truth Of The McRib

Ah the McRib, some people love this sandwich.  Once a year, select McDonald’s around the country comes out with the McRib for a short limited time.  But, do you know how the […]

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This Guy Spent Six Months And $1500 To Just Make A Sandwich

So, if you want to make a sandwich, you quickly pull out a few ingredients, or go to the grocery store.  But, do you think where every ingredient of a sandwich comes […]

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Aspie Recipes: One Awesome Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Who likes some grilled cheese? (raises hand)  So in this Aspie Recipes post, I am going to show you a very simple and easy to do recipe for your own grilled cheese. […]

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Business Review: Panera Bread

A few weeks ago, Panera Bread opened in Oxford Alabama in front of the Publix.  Yes, I have heard of Panera Bread before but I have never tried them!  So after I […]

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