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Disability Awesome: What’s Really Going On in a Psychologist’s Mind With The Psych Show

Welcome to Disability Awesome. Each week, this post will feature a person or persons with mental and / or physical disabilities who are doing awesome things! As someone with an disability, I […]

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Good News Fridays: The Fish Don’t Care When It Rains

One of the fellow people featured on The Employables has won a great reward for a video she made.  Jennifer Msumba and her Rebranding Autism YouTube channel made a video for the […]

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Trainscapes: Autistic YouTuber Travels On Amtrak

Can someone with an disability travel on their own on Amtrak?  Yes they can!  Jen from Rebranding Autism got a chance to participate in the #AmtrakTakeMeThere Social Media program.  She rode on […]

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The Evening Post: 7000th Post: The Truth About Filming The Employables

Happy 7000 posts on Geek Alabama!  Since August 2011, I have now written 7000 posts.  To celebrate, let’s talk about The Employables, which is airing its hopefully season finale tonight.  As you […]

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