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Good News Fridays: Where Are All the Bob Ross Paintings?

If you watch public television in the past, you know about the paintings that were created by artist Bob Ross.  Bob Ross painted more than 1,000 landscapes for his television show — […]

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The Alabama Public Television Censoring World Channel Situation

Welcome to the wonderful and weird state of Alabama, where TV stations love to “censor” certain programs.  For example, one TV station in the past has censored certain comedy programs because they […]

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The American Graduate Program / And My Experiences Being In School

On Saturday, since Alabama was not playing, and Auburn was playing an easy team, I found something that was interesting to watch, it was called American Graduate.  It was the third year […]

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The Brilliant Fake Reality TV Show Campaign from Thirteen

These days, more and more channels are featuring cheaply made reality TV shows.  I mean, I like some reality shows, but I do feel like TV could use some more comedies, dramas, […]

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Sunday Discussion: Alabama Public TV

  Alabama Public Television has been in the news lately and none of it has been good.  The controversy started when Alabama Public Television Executive Director Allan Pizzato and Deputy Director and CFO Pauline Howland were fired in […]

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