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Animation Monday: Pokémon: Twilight Wings | Episode 4 | Early-Evening Waves

Reintroducing Nessa: beloved Galar region Gym Leader and model! She strives to be the best in both fields…but Chairman Rose advises her to focus on one path to have the most success. […]

Animation Monday: Pokémon: Twilight Wings | Episode 1 | Letter

The folks from Pokemon have a new seven episode short series called Pokémon: Twilight Wings.  Dreams, realities, and challenges collide in Pokémon: Twilight Wings, a seven-episode limited animated series set in the […]

Animation Monday: Ash Ketchum Becomes A Pokemon Master

So it took over 20 years and thousands of episodes, but finally Ash Ketchum has become a Pokemon champion.  He won the title in the latest series Pokémon the Series: Sun and […]

Foodie Saturdays: Pokemon Detective Pikachu Cake – Nerdy Nummies

Pokemon Detective Pikachu is the latest big movie on the screen right now.  So, of course Rosanna Pansino and her Nerdy Nummies series had to make a Pikachu cake!  And the cake […]

Foodie Saturdays: Brock’s Donuts / Brock’s Onigiri From Pokémon

Don’t you love Japanese anime!  The anime in Japan might say one thing, but once dubbed, it might say something else.  Binging with Babish decided to do two recipes based on the […]

Animation Monday: Pokémon Marathon On Twitch

If you love the animated series Pokemon, you will enjoy a marathon of it on Twitch!  Twitch is teaming up with Pokémon to air the first nine seasons of the anime series and […]

Watch Nerdy Nummies Make Pokemon MooMoo Milkshakes

This week on the YouTube channel Rosanna Pansino and Nerdy Nummies, watch as Ro, who is dressed as Misty, make an easy Summertime recipe called Pokemon MooMoo Milkshakes, these are very easy to make, enjoy!

Watch Nerdy Nummies Make Pokemon Pokeball Cake Pops

Nerdy Nummies and the YouTube channel Rosanna Pansino did some Pokemon with some Pokemon themed cake pops.  Not only you get to see how these cake pops are made, you also get to see […]

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