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Learn How To Live Plastic Free This Summer

Plastic is incredibly commonplace. It houses nearly every good that consumers buy, and it’s used for everything from eating and drinking to taking out the trash. Sadly, this creates massive amounts of […]

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Roadscapes Wednesday: Scottish Company Recycles Plastic Waste Into Roads

With the amazing amount of plastic waste generated by humans on Earth, innovations are being developed to use some of the plastic waste.  And one innovation, plastic roads!  CBS This Morning takes […]

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See How Your Toothbrush Became A Part Of The Plastic Crisis

We know we are facing a plastic crisis.  And your former toothbrush is a part of this crisis.  Think about it, the handle and bristles are made of plastic.  What does the […]

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Environmentalism On A Budget: Tips For Going Green (and Saving!)

Post written by Ali Jacobs According to NASA, the temperature of oceans around the world has risen by .4 degrees Fahrenheit since 1969. That may not seem like a significant rise, at first. However, this is […]

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