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Why Hosting The Olympic Games Is Not Worth It Anymore

Ah, the Winter Olympics are here!  For the next few weeks, we can watch the top athletes compete for medals in South Korea.  While the games happen, we should know that the […]

Why Curling Is The Geekiest/Nerdiest Winter Olympic Sport

Sadly, the Sochi Winter Olympics are now over, and mostly everyone watched a few Olympic sports.  And yes, even geeks and nerds watched the Olympic Games as well, since mostly everything else […]

Good News Fridays: The Jimmy Kimmel Sochi Wolf Prank

The media on TV and online has become a wasteland of only publishing stories that will generate the most comments and generate the most social media shares.  So when Olympic athlete Kate […]

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Are Here / How To Watch Olympic Coverage Without NBC

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics are here!  Here’s hoping the games goes terror free!  Seriously, Russia is going to be in the spotlight for the next few weeks and so far, things […]

Animation Monday: Olympic Cartoons

The London Olympics have come and gone.  But seeing lots of Olympics coverage on TV did not stop the political cartoonists from putting out some very funny cartoons.  And yes some of […]

My Top 10 2012 Summer Olympic Athletes

  I am a big sports fan and I am sad to see the 2012 London Olympics come and go.  Many people watched online and on TV and took in the British […]

The London Olympics Are Here!

I have enjoyed seeing the tweets, Facebook messages, and online videos from the Opening Ceremonies this evening from London.  For the next few weeks the entire world will be watching the Olympics from Great […]

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