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Watch Nerdy Nummies Have Some Funny Moments And Bloopers

The YouTube channel Rosanna Pansino and Nerdy Nummies did not do a cooking video this week.  They instead put out another video highlighting funny moments and bloopers from taping the show!  Enjoy some funny […]

Watch Nerdy Nummies Make Game Boy Ice Cream Sandwiches

It’s just too hot outside!  And if you are indoors playing games in the A/C, or are coming inside from the heat and need to cool off, try making these Game Boy […]

Watch Nerdy Nummies Make A Harvest Moon Tiramisu

Do you love playing Harvest Moon: A Tale of Two Towns?  If you do, then the YouTube channel Rosanna Pansino and Nerdy Nummies has something for you!  Learn how to make a popular Italian dessert […]

Watch Nerdy Nummies Make Tetris Tater Tots

Since Pixels is about to come out, this video shows Rosanna Pansino and Nerdy Nummies making Tetris Tater Tots.  Yes, she makes tater tots into the classic shapes you play on Tetris, and it […]

Watch Nerdy Nummies Make Pokemon Pokeball Cake Pops

Nerdy Nummies and the YouTube channel Rosanna Pansino did some Pokemon with some Pokemon themed cake pops.  Not only you get to see how these cake pops are made, you also get to see […]

How To Make Jurassic Park Amber Fossil Lollipops With Nerdy Nummies

The YouTube channel Rosanna Pansino and Nerdy Nummies has made something Jurassic Park to celebrate the Jurassic World movie!  So, Rosanna made amber fossil lollipops, something all kids or kids at heart would love […]

Check Out Nerdy Nummies Make A Birthday Cake Monsters Would Eat

On this week’s edition of Nerdy Nummies, you get to see Rosanna Pansino make a birthday cake for a celebration of her birthday.  The birthday cake is called the Monsters Ate My Birthday Cake… Cake. […]

Get Ready For National Donut Day By Making Lord Of The Rings Donuts

If you need some inspiration for National Donut Day, and if you like Lord of the Rings, then watch this!  The YouTube channel Rosanna Pansino and Nerdy Nummies made some Lord of the Rings […]

Watch Nerdy Nummies Make A Yummy Pizza Cake

So, want to eat pizza for dessert?  Now you can with Rosanna Pansino and her newest Nerdy Nummies video showing you how to make a pizza cake.  It’s the pizza, turned into yummy cake […]

Good News Fridays: Nerdy Nummies Carol’s Cookies / DIY Mother’s Day Gifts

This week on Good News Fridays, let’s feature two new videos from the YouTube channel Rosanna Pansino.  The first video is a Nerdy Nummies of Carol’s cookies from The Walking Dead, they are […]

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