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You Can Now Follow Edward Snowden On Twitter

Well, Edward Snowden, the guy will leaked the stuff that the federal government was spying on us, has joined Twitter!  His account @Snowden has already gotten over 800,000 followers, including me!  His […]

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Today Is Reset The Net / Take Our Internet Back

As you know, the Federal Government is spying on us the internet users, and it’s wrong!  The government and the NSA are tapping internet service providers intentionally and secretly weakening encryption products. […]

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The Heartbleed Bug And Why You Need To Change All Of Your Passwords

The past few days have been very interesting in the internet world.  The Heartbleed Bug is something that has surprised many internet users, and folks are surprised, because they thought their HTTPS […]

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Today Is The Day We Fight Back Against Government Surveillance

Today, many people in the online world, including the Geek Alabama blog, is participating in a protest against surveillance.  As you know, the National Security Agency (NSA) has been in the news […]

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