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Foodie Saturdays: Josh Makes A Popeye’s Fried Chicken Burrito

Today, Josh is showing you how to create the Popeye’s Breakfast Burrito from the GMM episode, Will It Breakfast Burrito?  And honestly, this looks really good!  See how to make it below!

The Evening Post: The Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftovers Hack

Have Thanksgiving leftovers?  I’m sure you still do!  Let Josh from Mythical Kitchen show you what to do with your Thanksgiving leftovers. Make your own Thanksgiving French Toast with the recipe in […]

The Evening Post: Grilled Cheese Ramen Recipe

This looks really good!  Josh from the Mythical Kitchen YouTube channel shows you how to make grilled cheese ramen.  See how to make it below!

The Evening Post: We Made A Tater Tot Chili Bowl

Wow, you can actually make a bowl out of tater tots and put chili inside it!  Josh from Mythical Kitchen shows you how to fry up a tater tot bowl and make […]

The Evening Post: Mountain Dew Moon Pie Taste Test

So, can you make a Mountain Dew flavor of the classic Moon Pie?  The answer might be yes!  Josh from Mythical Kitchen shows you how to make one, and then tastes it […]

The Evening Post: Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Burrito Recipe | Mythical Kitchen

Ever wanted to eat ice cream in a burrito? Today, Mythical Chef Josh is combining burritos and ice cream to create the Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Burrito.  Below, see how this […]

The Evening Post: $299 Taco Bell Mexican Pizza | Fancy Fast Food

I love that the food shows from Good Mythical Morning have their own dedicated YouTube channel now called Mythical Kitchen.  In one of the newest videos, Mythical Chef Josh shows you how […]

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