See The Five Stages Of Watching A Young Adult Movie


So, are you one of those adults who goes to see young adult movies?  If so, enjoy this video from the YouTube channel How It Should Have Ended and Only Leigh where you see the five stages of watching a young adult movie.  Enjoy!


The Evening Post: The Emotional Roller Coaster of Waiting For A Big Movie

Geek Alabama Evening Post

Yep, many geeks and nerds will get on a high emotional roller coaster before a big movie comes out.  I am sure this will happen this December with the new Star Wars movie!  The YouTube channel OnlyLeigh shows us the anxiety when you have to wait and wait for that new movie to come out, enjoy!

Movie Review: Cut! Movie

Geek Alabama Movie Review

I was sent a DVD screener of the new movie called Cut!  Cut! is a horror/thriller film and it features plenty of cuss words, killing of people, and some nudity.  So this is a movie only the adults only should watch!  And this movie is nothing like the 2000 Cut! movie.  Cut! features an inspiring filmmaker who wants to make his own horror film.  In fact, during the movie you see other camera and microphone equipment in the background.


The filmmaker does this by scaring real people, especially hookers, how not smart there!  Soon, it begins to go too far and people begin to die!  One dies by a beheading, one dies by hanging, one gets ran over by a train, and it gets weird!  The filmmakers think killing for real to make a good movie makes sense, but killing for real will only get you killed!   David Rountree wrote and directed the film, and I thought he did a good job with directing.  For a horror film, I wish he would of made those death scenes even more gruesome!  They could of shown more blood and people being cut to death.

In between the killing scenes, I thought the dialogue was good, and good storytelling was . being shown.  The movie was one hour and 40 minutes long.  I thought the cop scenes was somewhat lackluster, and the end where the filmmaker was trying to sell his movie to a Hollywood studio was weird.  Yeah, kill real people and try to make money off of it.  You deserved to have your head chopped off, too bad it was only a dream!  The movie has already won some awards!

During the 2014 Independent Film and Television Festival, it won best film, best director, best leading actor, and the award of merit for audio.  And the website Movie Rankings ranks Cut! as the 4th overall horror movie in 2014.  The movie has plenty of things that are spooky and gross.  But I never was screaming from my couch during the movie.  It’s very hard to scare me!  It’s that hard to scare me I think haunted houses are fun places to go!

So, I think that Cut! was a good horror movie!  Psycho Rock Productions made a good movie!  And if you like horror movies you should check out Cut!  The movie is now out on DVD!  Learn more and order at:

The Evening Post: Gravity Alternative Featuring Superman

Geek Alabama Evening Post

Tonight, I wanted to share this awesome video from the YouTube channel Krishna Shenoi who took clips from the popular movie Gravity and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace, and turned it into something you will love seeing!  What if Superman saved the astronauts in trouble from the movie Gravity, it would make this movie so much different!  And stay tuned for the spoiler, enjoy!

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The Incredibles 2 Will Be Made / Smarter Every Day Patreon Contest


On this post, I am going to fill all of your heads with a bunch of geeky and nerdy information.  And this news has a lot of us in the geek/nerd world excited!  Because who wants to see The Incredibles 2 and go on tour at a rocket fabrication facility?  I do!

The Incredibles 2


Remember the Disney/Pixar movie The Incredibles movie back in 2004?  The movie was a huge success and director Brad Bird became a household name in the geek/nerd culture!  Today, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed in a shareholder meeting that plans are currently in the works for The Incredibles 2 and Cars 3!  I am so happy, cue the George Takei happy dance!

Right now, Brad Bird is busy with the next film release called Tomorrowland due for release next year.  But there is confirmation that Brad Bird is now writing the scripts for a Incredibles 2 movie!  Yeah, we know it’s going to be a few years until we see our favorite Pixar superhero family back in action.  But at least our wishes for a Incredibles 2 movie has come true.  And people can quit nagging Disney, Pixar, and Brad Bird about making a sequel to the original hit film.

Still, I can not believe it’s going to be around 15 years or more since the original Incredibles movie came out.  The Incredibles is one of the top cult family films in the history of motion pictures.  Thank you Brad Bird, Pixar, and Disney for finally seeing inside the hearts of all geeks/nerds and realizing a Incredibles 2 had to be made!  I can guarantee this movie will be a major hit when it comes out in theaters in a few years!

Smarter Every Day Patreon Contest


I also wanted to include this since it is a part of the geek/nerd culture in Alabama.  Smarter Every Day and host Destin is running a contest through Patreon that will allow three people to join Destin and Patreon CEO Jack Conte at a rocket fabrication facility somewhere in America in June 2014.  To learn more about the contest, and to see some cool helicopter light paintings, watch the video below.  The video will be taken down on March 19th in the early morning.

To learn more and to register for the contest, that closes on March 18th (TODAY!), go to:

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