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Why Starting A Business Is A Very Millennial Thing

As a millennial, you know all the unique challenges being a part of your generation brings – all those thought piece articles, written by the generations before us on the internet, can […]

View The When I Was 22, 10 Life Lessons For Millennials Presentation

Are you graduating or about too?  Or do you know someone who is going to graduate from high school or college?  Now think about this. When you were 22, you were probably […]

Roadscapes Wednesday: Is Southern Suburban Sprawl Killing Us?

Here is a great question to ask yourself, is suburban sprawl in the south in cities like Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, Birmingham, and others killing us?  According to a study from the University […]

30th Anniversary of Where’s The Beef, Plus Why Fast-Food Joints Must Cater To Millennials

Today is an important part of history in the fast-food business.  30 years ago today, Wendy’s released the iconic Where’s The Beef commercial.  The commercial stars Clara Peller as an old lady demanding […]

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