Video Roundup: Brenda Schmitz’s Christmas Wish, Kung Fury Trailer, Christmas Medley Parody

Geek Alabama Video Roundup

It’s time for Video Roundup!  My top 16 videos of the week!

Brenda Schmitz’s Christmas Wish

What a great video!

Sherlock Mini-Episode: Many Happy Returns

Great episode!

KUNG FURY Official Trailer

What a weird movie!

Christmas Medley Parody 2013

Great job with the parody songs!

Secret Angel Delivery

Thank you for the generosity!

Christmas With Pranksters

Thank you for the generosity!

Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You Chatroulette Version

Too funny!

Carlos Santana Reunites with Marcus The Magnificent

Great reunion!

The Rapid Packing Container

Shipping will change forever!

This Video Will Hurt

Interesting video.

AHL Referee Wears Helmet Cam

Love the point of view!

A Slow Motion Christmas

It’s not the dog’s fault!

Bacon-Wrapped Sleigh

That is unhealthy!

I Need Your Love – Pentatonix

Great singing!

Amazing T-Rex Illusion


I Liked You Better Deaf

Great song!


Video Roundup: The Top 2013 Christmas Themed Videos

Geek Alabama Video Roundup Christmas 2013

It’s Christmas Eve, so if you don’t have anything to do tonight, why not sit on your favorite chair, wrap yourself with a blanket, get a cup of hot cocoa, and enjoy some of the best 2013 Christmas themed videos!  These will put you in the Christmas spirit!

Xmas Jammies

This family rocks!

Apple Holiday TV Ad – Misunderstood

I love this commercial!

The Epic Chuck Norris Split

And this was Christmas themed!

A Very Fangirl Christmas

Geeks / Nerds will love this!

WestJet Christmas Miracle

Thank you WesJet!

Captain Picard Sings Let it Snow

Make it so!

25 Years of Christmas

Kids grow up too fast!

Mariah Carey – All I Want For Christmas Is You Chatroulette Version

Too funny!

Christmas Medley Parody 2013 – Screen Team

It was a great hit song spoof!

Defying Gravity as sung by Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Great song!

Merry Christmas from KHS Media Department

Funny prank!

Auburn Iron Bowl Call In Christmas Lights

I love this video!

Santa Parkour

Santa can move!

Christmas Face

Good song!

2013 Christmas Light Show – Christmas Vacation

Love the lights!