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Watch SNL Parody Alabama Southern Food And Gospel With Gospel Brunch

Nope, this is a show that will never air on Food Network.  Over the weekend, Saturday Night Live did a parody cooking show that was based in Huntsville, Alabama.  The show is […]

See Why You Should Never Order Lobster From A Diner

Watching Saturday Night Live from last weekend, this was a very funny and interesting sketch.  In the video below, someone wants to celebrate by ordering a lobster from some Greek diner, but […]

The Tonight Show Brings Back The 90’s With A Good Burger Reunion

Remember the 1990’s show All That on Nickelodeon, and the sketch of Good Burger?  The sketch was so popular it became a movie!  And Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show thought it […]

Watch Saturday Night Live Turn I’m Just A Bill Into Madness

As you know, President Obama issued an executive order last week to give some illegal immigrants rights to stay in this country.  But, the folks from Saturday Night Live did something brilliant! […]

1st Annual Hub Network Halloween Bash Premieres Tonight

Tonight at 8 pm Eastern / 5 pm Pacific, the Hub Network presents the 1st annual Hub Network Halloween Bash.  The special was taped last weekend and is hosted by Kenan Thompson. […]

Enter Your Costume In The 1st Annual Hub Network Halloween Bash

Geek Alabama keeps growing everyone, and now The Hub Network has noticed the Geek Alabama blog and has sent me a e-mail about this great contest that is open to anyone!  If […]

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