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The Evening Post: Amanda Gorman Reads Inauguration Poem, ‘The Hill We Climb’

This was amazing today.  Amanda Gorman, a 22-year-old poet, read an original work called ‘The Hill We Climb’ at President Joe Biden’s inauguration.  See this below!

The Evening Post: Biden, Harris Speak At Memorial To COVID-19 Victims

If you did not see this today, please watch this.  On the eve of President-elect Joe Biden’s official swearing-in, the Presidential Inaugural Committee hosted a memorial for victims of the coronavirus at […]

The Evening Post: A Bad Lip Reading Of The First Presidential Debate Of 2020

I will admit, this is a way better version of the first debate than what we watched.  The folks from Bad Lip Reading presents us with a bad lip reading from the […]

The Evening Post: Donald Trump Vs Joe Biden: Epic Rap Battles Of History

You knew this was coming, and this is wonderful!  Below, view the Donald Trump vs Joe Biden Epic Rap Battles Of History!  You want to watch this!

The Evening Post: SNL Biden Vs. Trump Cold Open

This was hilarious!  Saturday Night Live mocked the first debate between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.  And Jim Carrey nailed his performance.  If you somehow have not seen this yet, watch it […]

My Review Of Late Night With Seth Meyers

Last week, Jimmy Fallon moved to The Tonight Show, so someone had to fill the spot left open over at Late Night, enter Seth Meyers.  Before the Winter Olympics got started, Seth […]

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