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Roadscapes Wednesday: Interstate 759 Will Not Be Extended In Gadsden

The people up in Gadsden are getting tired of the heavy traffic there.  The solution was to extend I-759 through East Gadsden.  The political leaders up there keep saying they are committed […]

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Roadscapes Wednesday: I-759 Needs To Be Extended

Gadsden has a wonderful interstate spur called I-759. It runs from I-59 to the Coosa River and just dead ends.  The result?  George Wallace Blvd. or AL-291 is filled with a lot […]

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Roadscapes Wednesday: My Three Time-Lapse Road Videos

This week on Roadscapes Wednesday, I am featuring three time-lapse road videos that I have done, and you should enjoy!  I have done time-lapse videos of Interstate 759 in Gadsden, the streets […]

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The First Roadscapes Video: I-759 In Gadsden

This week, I went up to Gadsden and one of the things I did was film Interstate 759.  I filmed this highway by using a trash can and turned it upside down […]

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Sunday Discussion: Road Talk

Harpersville, AL Debtors Prison Stopped http://blog.al.com/spotnews/2012/07/judge_halts_debtors_prison_by.html If you have ever driven through the small town of Harpersville, AL on U.S. 280 you will know what I am about to say.  The police have been […]

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One Amazing Sunset

Coming back from Birmingham and into Gadsden I looked at my mirror and saw this amazing sunset occurring.  So I pulled over on I-759 and got out of my car.  These pictures below […]

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