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I am glad that Young’s Blog territory is attracting presidential candidates.  We also have the trend of seeing the candidates dying off after they visit this area.  Just ask Herman Cain.  Well Newt Gingrich visited Rome and Carrollton Georgia on Tuesday which are in Young’s Blog territory.  Mr. Gingrich first spoke at the Rome Georgia airport then he spoke at The University of West Georgia.  I really had no attentions of going because let’s face it. Newt Gingrich will not win to challenge Obama this fall.  He did poorly in the Arizona and Michigan primaries on Tuesday.  And he will struggle on Super Tuesday next week.  Now if Newt Gingrich was leading in the Republican primaries I would have gone.

The crowds were good at both events.  Georgia is the home state of Newt Gingrich and he even teached at The University of West Georgia.  He told the crowds that this election is one of the most important elections in American history.  And while CNN was carrying a part of his speech live on TV he was talking about chopping down a tree instead of talking about the issues.  I just found that to be a waste of TV time as CNN quickly took him off TV.  The biggest issue he talked about at both events is the gas prices.  And you know that will get the crowd talking.  He is promising to get the gas prices down to $2.50 a gallon.  And he will do that by drilling; drilling and drilling some more.  He forgot the other reasons the gas prices are up right now.  The conflicts in the Middle East; stock market speculations; and growth in China and India.  This Sunday on my weekly Sunday Discussion post I am going to talk about gas prices.  Stay tuned!

He also talked about Obama and the Middle East.  Which I am really not going into at all.  My thinking is that Gingrich is trying to use some attack strategy to come back into the Republican race which will probably backfire.  Now he will win Georgia next week because it is his home state but he will not win much more than that.  And I still think that Mitt Romney will still be the Republican nominee for president and run against Obama.  And after the wins at Arizona and Michigan he is even closer to that goal.


My Top Blunders of 2011

We all have seen and heard some very crazy things in 2011.  From Charlie Sheen doing one of the worst career moves ever.  And Netflix doing one of the worst business moves ever.  2011 has been a good year watching other people doing stupid things.  Here is my list of the top blunders of 2011.

Charlie Sheen Blunder:

Charlie Sheen did one of the worst things in 2011.  He taunted Chuck Lorre and eventually got fired from the very popular show “Two And A Half Men.”  So what did he do next; he went crazy.  He tried hosting his own web show which was not good at all.  I remember the viewer count dropping like a rock during the web show.  He promoted the word “winning” but was actually losing.  And what is Tiger Blood all about?  Oh well; he is enjoying the $25 million settlement from Two And A Half Men.  Winning!

NFL NBA Lockouts:

Seriously; you all can not find ways to split millions of dollars equally between the owners and the players.  2011 almost went down as a bad year for pro sports.  If you had the NFL and the NBA not playing their seasons; what would sports fans do instead?  Try a new hobby or learn a new skill.  What would ESPN do to fill their schedules with no sports to show?  Luckily none of those things happened.  But one always has to wonder?

Bank Fees:

Over the year 2011 Bank of America and other big banks thought about charging a monthly fee for people using a debit card.  Hardly anyone uses checks anymore and many stores do not take checks anymore.  So the banks thought about being more greedy and sticking it to the customers.  But then something happened; the customer stood up and said enough!  Social media blew up and people demanded the banks not charge any new fees or they would leave.  And the banks gave in; a great victory.  Now Verizon Wireless wants to get into the fee game.  Let’s see how long it will take for Verizon to change their minds.

Anthony Wiener and Herman Cain:

This has been a great year of political blunders.  The two famous politicians with the most problems were Wiener and Cain.  They both committed the same crime.  They thought by doing sexual stuff they would get further in their careers and life.  Anthony Wiener snapped pictures of his junk and put the pictures on the web for everyone to see.  Herman Cain thought he could date and love many women and his career would further even more.  This is a great lesson for everyone.  Doing sexual stuff in public will make you a fool and bring you down.  So just don’t do it.

Kim Kardashian:

Here is more proof the the people in Hollywood are making our youth more dumber.  Kim was only married for 72 days and the wedding was showed on TV.  But the marriage started to break down and it was all recorded to be shown on TV as a junk reality show.  Even worse the ratings for the show were very high.  Looks like many people do not have anything better to do.  This is another lesson for everyone.  TV will not make you famous; it will make your life a living hell.  And your break down will be showed on TV for everyone to make fun of.

Netflix; News Corp.; Blackberry:

This has been a bad year for business.  But some companies wished that 2011 never happened.  Netflix charged more for their services and tried to split of an new company Quikster.  News Corp. had their huge scandal cover up revealed.  You know snooping on people’s phone calls will only lead to big trouble.  And Blackberry had huge outages across the planet.  Many companies are hoping for an better 2012 and company decisions that will not cause customer revolt on social media.


Facebook was in the news for much of 2011.  Much of that was not good news at all.  Facebook had major privacy issues and had sexual images cycling through the news feeds.  Also some users do not like some of Facebook’s new features such as timeline.  So will other social media sites like Google + or Twitter take over and gain new people?  We will see in 2012.

Penn State Scandal:

This was the other huge sports story in 2011 that will harm the university for decades to come.  A huge cover up of sexual activites in a locker room shower was exposed.  And now the entire university has been blown up.  Many top officals of Penn State have been fired or quit and some are now sitting in jail.  There has even been suggestions to change the name of the university.  Another great lesson for everyone.  If you know of something bad happening; report it!




Election Season Around The Corner

I can not believe that the 2012 election season is around the corner.  The Iowa caucus is less than a week away!  So far this election season has seen its ups and downs.  Many of the candidates have led the polls at some time before reality sets in and the poll numbers go down.  Mostly because the candidate has some scandal that they tried to cover up but got exposed.  Herman Cain was a huge front-runner before his scandal got exposed and now he is out of the race.  Newt Gingrich had the lead at one point but bad stuff about him got exposed and now he has dropped.  One thing is now very certain; it is anyone’s race to win.  And you know that Obama just loves the attacks between all of the Republican candidates.  My feelings tell me that it is down to three candidates with maybe one dark horse that could win the Republican nomination.

Mitt Romney:  The former Massachusetts governor has run a good campaign and has been out of the trouble spotlight the most.  The one thing Republican voters do not like about him is he pushed mandatory healthcare in Massachusetts.  Another dislike is he is Mormon.  But I believe Romney still has the best chance to defeat Obama in 2012.  But Romney has run a very clean campaign up to this point and has some very good plans to turn this country around and create jobs.

Newt Gingrich:  Gingrich has been in the bad spotlight in the last few weeks because of some controversies like taking money from Freddie Mac.  But Gingrich has great experience as he was once the speaker of the house under Clinton.  He is already well-known in Washington and that could help turn things around to end the printing presses and create jobs.  But will the bad news machine end for Gingrich?

Ron Paul:  The one guy who has been running for president it seems like forever is now up in the polls and might win Iowa.  He has some very crazy ideas that some Republicans voters want like returning to the gold standard and ending some government agencies.  The one problem is some of his ideas like about Iran might be a turn off for some voters.  We will see.

One thing is for sure; this is promising to be one crazy election season in 2012.  I am going to provide more election coverage on Young’s Blog in 2012 and I hope you join me!

Herman Cain in Alabama

It is very rare that we get a presidential candidate to come to Alabama.  But on Friday; Republican front runner Herman Cain came to Alabama.  Mr. Cain showed up in a tour bus in Talladega.  And came off the bus wearing a cowboy hat and shaking hands in the crowd.  A good mix of people showed up to this event.  Media from Fox News, ABC News and the Associated Press were there.  And students from the Alabama School for the Deaf and Blind and Donoho School were there as well. After a couple of announcements and a singing of the Star Spangled Banner; Mr. Cain received the key of the city from the Talladega mayor.  Then Herman Cain spoke to a very good crowd.  Many in the crowd agreed with what Mr. Cain said during the speech.

Herman Cain spoke a lot about his 9-9-9 plan.  “9-9-9 means jobs, jobs, jobs.”  I thought that was the biggest catch phrase of the speech.  He believed the entire tax code should be thrown out with the 9-9-9 plan.  Cain said that until we replace Obama in the White House; nothing will happen to fix the economy.  He also said we need bold solutions to find work for the 14+ million out of work (like me).  Mr. Cain is a stage 4 cancer survivor and the former CEO of Godfather’s pizza.  He believed that the Founding Fathers believed in life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and they also supported the Second Amendment that gives us the right to bear arms and protect our families, our homes and ourselves. Overall he believed God and his family inspired him to run for president and the policies that Obama has enacted made him decide to run for president.  Mr. Cain is a big believer of God.  He thought that everyone has been given skills, abilities, and talents by God and we have a responsibility to use these gifts of God to make a difference in the community.   I thought Mr. Cain gave a great speech and the crowd loved what he talked about.  Some good quotes from The Daily Home Newspaper.

“Fair not by Washington’s definition of fair, but Webster’s (dictionary) definition of fair.”

“A politician proposes stuff that he thinks will pass,” he said. “A businessman proposes solutions to the problem.”

“The Founding Fathers got it right,” he said. “All we have to do is follow their example.”

“And the guy (Obama) in there (the White House) now does?” he asked.

“My foreign policy is the same as Reagan’s policy,” he said. “Peace through strength and clarity.”

“Money is not going to buy you a second term, Mr. President,”

“Stupid people are ruining America,” he said. “They’re clueless to what’s happening to the nation.”

“We need to kick it up a notch,” Cain said of people’s involvement in the political process. “Liberals want you to believe we can’t do this.

“This is not about us,” he said. “This is about our grandchildren.

“What do I do to make a better nation, a better world?”

Cain said there are two plans in life: your plan and God’s plan. He said the journey that he is on is “what the Lord wants me to do.”

“I will put ‘united’ back in the United States of America and push this country back to where it belongs,” he said. “I will never apologize for America’s greatness.”

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