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Watch Smarter Every Day Explain Suppressor Physics In Guns

The YouTube channel Smarter Every Day and Destin Sandlin has a new video out.  And in this video, you get to see slow motion footage of bullets shooting out of guns.  Destin […]

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Sunday Discussion: The Black Eyed Peas Big Love Music Video

This music video is tough to watch, and yes it’s NSFW.  But The Black Eyed Peas made a music video about school shootings and taking kids away from parents.  The first part […]

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See Random Objects Being Shot With A Gun In Slow Motion

The YouTube channel Vickers Tactical has put out a cool video showing everyday objects like an apple, water balloon, light bulbs, burgers, and more being shot with a gun and exploding in slow motion. […]

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Sunday Discussion: Mass Shootings And Why The NRA’s Number Will Soon Be Up

So, it happened again in America, somebody had nothing to lose and they used their arsenal of guns to go out in a blaze of glory.  Last week, a shooter went to […]

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Explore The Kennesaw Gun Laws With In Guns We Trust

Did you know in the Atlanta suburb of Kennesaw, Georgia, every citizen must own a firearm?  By law, since 1982, each head of household must own at least one working firearm with ammunition. […]

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Sunday Discussion: Bob Costas Gun Control Debate

  Read my thoughts about the NRA press conference by clicking the link below. http://geekalabama.com/2012/12/21/the-nra-gun-control-debate/ UPDATE: MY personal thoughts after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting are included in this post. I know this Sunday Discussion […]

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