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View This Amazing Real Grand Theft Auto Video

Man is this amazing!  The YouTube channel CorridorDigital decided to mimic Grand Theft Auto and Los Santos as a real place.  So you see the character hitting people, stealing cars, and having a shootout at […]

View These GoPro Videos Featuring Wild Mustangs And Lions

I am writing this post while watching Super Bowl 49.  But I have seen these two videos from GoPro and they were worth sharing!  The first video features Clay Nannini, who runs […]

View The Awesome Downtown Birmingham Time-Lapse GoPro Road Video

From the YouTube channel Matt Glasscock, comes a great video of downtown Birmingham shot while driving on the streets in downtown.  Matt used a GoPro Hero 3 and drove around downtown Birmingham shooting all […]

Good News Fridays: Trail Therapy, Pelican’s First Flight, Rescued Panther Kitten

On this Good News Fridays, I am featuring three videos to give you a smile into this weekend!  The first video from Korduroy.tv is a short film featuring 64-year-old Steve Fugate, who has walked across […]

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