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TV Review: Knock Knock Live

So I tried to get on the new FOX show called Knock Knock Live, but after a few e-mails, nothing happened.  I thought it would still be a good time to at […]

View My Casting Video, Podcast, And Presentation About Why I Should Be On Knock Knock Live

In one week a new show on FOX called Knock Knock Live will premiere!  This show has a very simple concept!  Ryan Seacrest along with Kellie Pickler, Adrienne Bailon, Ross Mathews, Jordan “Shorty” Johnson, Chuey Martinez […]

Animation Monday: Golan The Insatiable

This week on Animation Monday on a Tuesday, let’s talk about a new cartoon on FOX that was pretty much re-written, has a new voice cast, and has the same characters from […]

Watch This Amazing Rick And Morty The Simpsons Couch Gag

Yep, Rick and Morty is so good that they are now on The Simpsons.  To celebrate the season finale of The Simpsons, and the season premiere of Rick and Morty coming this […]

Smarter Every Day Shows The American Idols Acoustic Levitation In Slow Motion

That’s right, Destin Sandlin was on American Idol.  In the latest Smarter Every Day episode, Destin shows us more detail from the American Idol meetup.  Let’s just say this, acoustic levitation is awesome! […]

TV Review: Almost Human on FOX

There’s a new show on FOX that aims at the nerd and geek crowd.  Almost Human is your average cop drama on FOX but there is a big difference.  The series is […]

Sunday Discussion: Censoring Animation Domination High Def

This edition of Sunday Discussion on a Monday is going to talk about censoring on local Alabama TV.  In the past, some local TV stations in Alabama have censored certain episodes of […]

Animation Monday: Axe Cop / High School USA

Over the weekend, FOX premiered Axe Cop and High School USA as part of their new Animation Domination High Def block.  And yes, I did watch both of the premieres!  I liked […]

Alabamians On Reality Shows: Summer 2012 Edition

If there is one thing people in Alabama knows to do well it is being on reality shows.  Alabama and Birmingham has been known as the American Idol hot spot as we have seen […]

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