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Coming Soon To Your Local Fast Food Joint, A Bluetooth Powered Tray Typer

Yep, technology has advanced so much that fast food joints are now doing some creative and wacky things in their restaurants!  KFC in Germany took their regular tray liners and juiced them […]

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Sunday Discussion: My Steps To Turn Around And Fix McDonald’s

If you have not heard the news, McDonald’s is in really deep trouble!  They are in so much trouble, they actually had Ronald McDonald appear in the Anniston Christmas parade! McDonald’s sales […]

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Robots Are Taking Over The Workforce

We are getting closer and closer to a Star Trek world where everything is done with the help with robots.  And jobs become so scarce people don’t have to worry about money. […]

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The Subway Footlong Lawsuits

When I first heard of this story saying that Subway was selling subs that were not actually 12 inches long.  I thought some people were getting crazy.  Everyone should be familiar with the Subway $5 footlong commercials. […]

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