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Top 7 Ways To Improve Your Memory And Smartness

When life becomes tough – such as in this Covid-19 season – smart people keep moving forward, likewise, those with retentive memories are able to learn faster and overcome many challenges. Although […]

15 Crazy Ways People Are Looking After Their Health In 2019

There are all kinds of weird and wonderful health fads that you’ve probably discovered over the years. Trends in health and fitness change all the time, just like fashion. Different body parts […]

Good News Fridays: Sign Up For Scale Back Alabama 2015

This week, the 2015 Scale Back Alabama kicked off!  Scale Back Alabama is a 10‐week, statewide weight‐loss contest designed to help Alabama fight its battle with obesity by encouraging participants to develop […]

Sign Up For The 2014 Scale Back Alabama

Today, the 2014 Scale Back Alabama kicked off!  Scale Back Alabama is a 10‐week, statewide weight‐loss contest designed to help Alabama fight its battle with obesity  by encouraging participants to develop lifelong healthy habits.  The program, which is free and targeted to adults 18 and older, primarily focuses on the workplace and utilizes other […]

8 Days Left Until Christmas 2012

8 Days Left Until Christmas At the North Pole: Everyone knows to leave milk and cookies for Santa each Christmas.  But during the rest of the year Santa Claus is not just […]

Our Big Problem Town Hall Meeting

On Thursday night I attended a town hall meeting hosted by the Anniston Star.  I watched a portion of the HBO documentary The Weight of the Nation.  Then a discussion was held by the people there […]

Admit It; We’re Too Big

I think most of you has now heard of this new plan from New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg.  You know this plan has stirred some feathers with the Big Gulp fans. The […]

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