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The Evening Post: Harry Potter Vs Luke Skywalker – Epic Rap Battles Of History

Below, view the latest Epic Rap Battles Of History between Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker.  The entire battle is done in Lego animation!  And this is awesome!  Plus check out the behind […]

The Evening Post: Donald Trump Vs Joe Biden: Epic Rap Battles Of History

You knew this was coming, and this is wonderful!  Below, view the Donald Trump vs Joe Biden Epic Rap Battles Of History!  You want to watch this!

The Evening Post: The Joker Vs Pennywise – Epic Rap Battles Of History

The Joker from the Batman series and Pennywise from the IT movies are both super popular right now.  So it makes sense that Epic Rap Battles Of History does a rap battle […]

The Evening Post: Vlad The Impaler Vs Count Dracula – Epic Rap Battles Of History

With Halloween around the corner, let’s feature a Halloween rap video.  Epic Rap Battles Of History released a rap battle between Vlad The Impaler and Count Dracula.  Enjoy below!

Music Thursdays: Ronald McDonald Vs The Burger King: Epic Rap Battles Of History

It was just a matter of time before Rap Battles Of History did this rap battle between Ronald McDonald from McDonald’s and The Burger King.  Watch a great and nasty rap battle […]

Watch As Jim Henson And Stan Lee Gets The Epic Rap Battles Treatment

Thank you Epic Rap Battles of History!  Their latest rap battle features Jim Henson going against Stan Lee.  Watch as these two go in a soft rap battle, and who is that […]

Check Out This Epic Rap Battle Between Shaka Zulu And Julius Caesar

Epic Rap Battles Of History has a new rap battle between Shaka Zulu and Julius Caesar.  Man, Caesar was mean to Zulu and his tribe.  At the same time, Zulu love threatening […]

Watch The Funny ERB Rap Battle Between Steven Spielberg and Alfred Hitchcock

Steven Spielberg and Alfred Hitchcock, they are two of the most famous directors in Hollywood.  But, can they win a rap battle, while other famous directors like Quentin Tarantino, Stanley Kubrick, and Michael Bay join […]

Watch This Epic Rap Battle Between Ellen And Oprah, The Queens Of Daytime TV

It’s an ERB, you get an ERB, you get an ERB, you get an ERB, ahhhhhhh!  Epic Rap Battles of History delivers with their latest rap battle between the two queens of daytime […]

Who Wins In The Jack the Ripper vs Hannibal Lecter Epic Rap Battles of History

ERB has another rap battle for you!  And this battle is between two killers, Jack the Ripper and Hannibal Lecter.  So, who wins in this battle?  Watch the video below! Related articles […]

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